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Andrea Puentes says:

Did anyone realize the Jordan’s 6:19

marsha marshall says:

i am a kid and i like bayblades
leave a like if you use or used bayblades

Russell Glass says:

i loved them

Adriankool4skool says:



Abdul Rafee says:

I was a beyblade lover

Zer0 Gamíngg says:

Picked up the flood lights vapor and phinish at marshals today !!

Andrea Puentes says:


JustSam 20 says:

I used to love beyblades

Ulices Orduna says:

I’m still a kid

Rallo Blacc says:

beyblades is the goat

Victor Lezama says:

Beyblade was my thing back in the day, the toys along with the show. I even remember there being a video game for ps1.

Stewieisme 123 says:

I was obsessed with beyblades

Peter Joseph says:

Let it rip

derpster12 GT says:

Bey Blades were beast in 2012

MIArtillery says:

I bought my brother that exact beyblade set for his birthday

Christopher Chan says:

I love beyblade too I had a collection around 2011 it something

Travis Will1534 says:

Who else saw the tubular’s at 6:42

Andy Mendoza says:

Nice jordan hat man

Diego Ayala says:

Look at the nike boxes

TRON 16 says:

i had 4 Pegasuss when i was Younger

Go Bananas James Bond says:

what’s marshalls(i’m an aussie)

Joshua_martinez says:

When you find out you cleats are selling for $18 when you bought them for $100

iMarkington says:

You should have shown us the camo bag you bought 🙁

Jack Forster says:

I’m 26 I used to love bayblades

Fernando Dominguez says:

What I’ve realized in the past few years at least where I live, Ross has tons of soccer gear, not just cleats. I’ve been buying my matchballs, jerseys, gears, and cleats ever since I was a kid. However, I’ve only ever seen cleats at Marshalls once, and it was out of my own state

BathingApe says:

I’ve luckily came across a lot of different soccer gear, at different stores and store locations, but I’d have to say my most regretting item that I passed on was the USMNT Authentic Nike Jersey (Red) for $29.99

Christopher Chan says:

Yo I found a vintage nitrocharge in my size for 30£ in tkmaxx and my mom not let me buy (man shoes will wear out so I need more than 1)

Isaac Dominguez says:

I was

Kyal Risse says:

I remember Beyblades SUPER well. I loved them so much and I was also kind of a boss at it as well. My best memory of Beyblades was when I got the Beyblades game which came with a SUPER RARE Nightmare Rex Beyblade. It was honestly my favourite Beyblade (you should probably search it up it was SUPER awesome).

Kareem Hanna says:

He passed up 2 pairs of air force ones for 35$

Thunder 9807 says:

Bay blade bay blade let it rip.

Kevin Romero says:

I was into bayblades too bro

Jackson Novinger says:

beyblades completely came back in 2010-2011

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