Hunting for Soccer Cleats at the Adidas Outlet (Best Finds Ever!)

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OD. JAR says:

Where is the outlet?

WreckmastaRCP says:

Lol josh stepping up his meme game 3:53

SYA Playz says:

i dont get how and why america/canada have so much good items on sale. My whole country’s factory outlets dont sell shit (Singapore)

Tortilla Chip Gaming says:

My adidas outlets are always better

Robert Furmer says:

People obviously don’t like the ocean storm pack

jj niddler says:

Make videos about the comparison between fake and real cleats plz.

Omar Ladhani says:

Which outlet did you go to

John Robinson says:

They legit had every high end model for half price, wtf

Coen Ng says:

I think the Adidas Outlet in Roermond Netherlands have more rare stuff than the Nike Outlet Store. For example, I bought a oair of Primeknit 2.0 for €120,-. And saw pairs of Predator Crazy Lights for €60,-.

Soccer Swagz says:

The outlet i went to didnt have the nemeziz 17.1’s or the nemeziz ultra boosts?

vassili87 says:

Even here in Italy the Adidas outlet is less cooler than the Nike one.

Nisch the Fish says:

Hey Josh I have a question about shooting.I am having problems with doing a driven shot,I cannot correctly hit it with my laces straight on.I think I have relatively long legs.What can I do to improve or correct my shooting.

Variety Plebs says:

love you josh keep it up the community as a whole appreciates you man

Joe Murphy says:

The outlets that are near me are rubbish

Omar Ladhani says:

Dang it




The primeknit nmd is usually about 170$ retail

theduckgoesmoo says:

I went to an adidas outlet last week they had nemeziz 17+ FG in the magnetic storm for $150 but they had a sale that made them $104 and they had quite a few.

Chipasha Mukuma says:

4:15 size 7 boots are so rare

Jaguars09 says:

I got the indoor nemeziz ocean storm for $22

HeskeySkillz says:

How are teeth so white

Erin Shields says:

Physical store, nike takes the cake all the time. We have one 30 minutes from the house in Kitchener, Ont. which is far better than the ones in Toronto so far as prices go. Further up toward Barrie is another that has decent deals. Online though, the Adidas deals are fantastic!

Justin P. says:

I just got the Samba OG at Burlington Coat Factory for 35.00! WOW! Didn’t know that, thanks for sharing this information.

Cloutgang Sucks says:

Nice video

Hernan says:

There was an Adidas Outlet store near me but it closed down for not doing well, so I only go to the Nike Outlet

Blake Carter says:

Date intro

Tortilla Chip Gaming says:

My outlets Nike never has anything but adidas had great deals

jaydgreen1 says:

Always appreciate the jokes. The world record is yours, just keep up the hard work. LoL!

tih0m says:

Josh, I am a casual player. I play hardly 10 times a year. I have a choice between getting a deal on Puma Vigor 1 for $92 or a Copa 17.3 for $37.

I know these are 2 different level shoes to compare but on the one hand vigor 1 is a great deal on the other I can get a moderately good show for 1/3rd the cost.

Would be great to have your perspective.

spiro patras says:

hey josh i was just curious, what time do you go to these outlet stores.

Adam Sowinski says:

Anyway you could let me know the address????

Cuba Grant says:

Which Adidas outlet?

Holden R says:

Love this guy

bryan gomez says:

What do you prefer pure speed or mercurial vapor i know they are really diferent i just want your opinion

FreshiPlays 07 says:

Is the durability of the vapor high enough to play with it At least one season?

Kalel Halligan says:

That wasn’t the dust storm

Frederick De Abreu says:

Randomly pause Josh’s videos to see funny, odd faces. Your welcome for the entertainment lmao (PS – this works on almost all his videos – not a bad thing but quite entertaining for those who are easily entertained )

Mauricio Juárez says:

Where are you from?

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