I Bought the WORST Reviewed Football Boots on Amazon & Got Scammed

Worst reviewed football boots EVER these kids football boots that i bought from amazon were not fun. i couldn’t play like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi against these people in my soccer match

Check This I GOT SCAMMED $300 FOR RONALDO FOOTBALL BOOTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdDAGP_cJxc

In today’s football video i buy the worst reviewed rated football boots i could find on amazon that were 1 star rated and honestly the football boots were not that bad but the size of the soccer cleats weren’t good to play a soccer match in. we did a lot of friendly kids football tests in this video to see if the football boots from amazon would be better than the colourful nike phantom football boots i got sent my ronaldos nike. if you enjoy this football video hit the like button

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Claude Misigi says:

Hey I think you should stick to soccer and leave fortnite dancing alone.

Nick Shaw says:

8 goals one with phantom

Keno Apodaca says:

In my country the sport is called soccer and the “boots” are called cleats. Who else
BTW no hate intended.

Thomas Reilly says:

8 goals

SV2 says:

THESE BOOTS HURT!! Watch the full video to win my $10,000 boots!

Dakhari Thomas says:

First like and sudscucer

whoever69 osorio says:

i see 7 gaols sv2

Jade Eckardt says:

8 goals

Florian Huesges says:

You scored 9 goals in thee Boots

Clemente Garcia says:

That’s soccer not football this is america

Tony Flipz says:

Football king

The life of Denny says:


Carson Bell says:

8 goals

Zxkingquai says:

I’m a YouTuber and I’m way faster than you

Ryder Groves says:

8 goals

scabralis says:

Fuck you

Shelby Ellis says:


Wolf Girl says:

I call them cleats but it does not matter

kycer ponce says:

Can I have the shoes

Chelsey Malave Rodriguez says:

You scored 7 goals

Fireheart_303 Trident says:


Shannet Jackson says:

9 goals

christian koehler says:

8 goals

Numse fisken says:

Football king

Lauro Escobedo says:

8 goals

Mateusz Frątczak says:

8 goals

Ethan Avidano says:

Soccer king lol I’m from the states

Temo Campos says:


Demon Wolf says:

i think u will get like 3 goals

michael charley says:

8 Goals

AllOutRiseUp says:

You scored 8 but 1 of them didn’t count

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