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New Balance has been around in the football boot world for the last few years, but they’ve yet to really make an impact. If we’re being honest, most of what they’ve put out hasn’t been very good! The New Balance Tekela 1.0 Pro changes that in a major way! Easily the best Soccer Cleats New Balance has ever released, these things are shockingly good! Featuring their new, and very unique Kinetic Stitch Technology in the gorgeous Otruska Pack Colorway, the Tekela is the first New Balance boots that you should be considering! Will they be your next boots?

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Eliasian RS says:

it’s white and red because they sponsor liverpool

Rishi Vanth says:

josh review hypervenom 3

Kenneth Mifsud says:

i hope they do these in a ag version

Joshua Khosrofian says:

I would have given the string bag a 3.84 out of 10.

Natsirt Nannarb says:

Play test???

Just Tactics says:

Visaro vs Visaro 2.0

Difference between Visaro pro and Visaro mid

Albany Fx says:

Hi Josh, I just played practice indoor with bare feet. I played so much better. I can feel the Ball and my touch is so much better. Out of all the boots you tested, is the one boot that feel like you are not wearing any shoes?

LL Zhang says:

Does the upper feel similar to evospeed 1.4? That’s what came to my mind when I first saw the pattern

Jan Misael says:

I like everything. The weight is not a big deal. Then the price……

Budget shoes Reviews says:

Compare NB tekela to adidas techfit upper on the purespeed 17+ which feel much subtle and better touch ?

William Trabal Kierscht says:

You should make a second channel, SBR4U

Yahya Ali says:

In your opinion.. which boots are the best for a defensive player.. cuz i usually i wear the Xs but i feel like its affecting my game..

Bart vranken says:

You should put play tests in your reviews

NorbertBlackCat says:

the stiching kinda looks like the Spiderman F50s

Shuwa Zhang says:

Can u review the furons?

cam337 says:

such a nice boot

Jacob Harper says:

Is there a big difference between the width of the standard versions and the wide version?

Justin French says:

Damn these look so good, Nice job NB… never a bad thing to have some good competition in the industry.

Drew Neville says:

Those look a lot like their lacrosse cleats like the burn or freeze

Sam says:

Does anyone know know these fit? Any boot that compares? I can’t wear vapors because they’re too thin.

Samuel J says:

Would you consider doing a World Cup prediction video and maybe a premier league prediction once we get closer to the upcoming season

Daniel Ao says:

Great boot from New Balance. A great surprise.I like the color and matches the Russian and Japanese and those red and white flags.


Can you do a review on vector x boots from India . Indians hit like if you use vector x

Martin Ho says:

Hey Josh, are these similar to the Under Armour Magnetico pro? How do they compare?

Susej Godoy says:

Are they durable ?

F 1 says:

Could you please get the wide fit variation in?

Chookiemonster says:

Do you prefer the tekela or the furon?

Otto Väänänen says:

How many grams is 8.9 ounces

Gabriel Lim says:

1. Whens the new Furon review coming
2. Is there a scale down version of the Tekela

awdawdawdawdawdawful says:

Hey Josh I am super excited by the furon 4.0 will you be doing a review of that?

TheSoccerFish says:

Sr4u should I get these or the furons?

IdA LV says:

OMG these look amazing.

ara therrien says:

Josh should start a string bag line. like the laces, but just to replace the string bag

Samuele Roncoroni says:

Bought’em online at a cheaper price, but i’m with you on NB, cause i searched them at their only flagship store in NorthItaly to try how they fit, but i got answered “it’s not a trend(referring to NB football boots in Italy), probably we wont get em”

WHAAAT? How the heck could you ‘set a trend’ if neither your store keep your shoes?

However i think normal RRP would be around 210

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