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There are indoor football boots and football boot inspired sneakers, but nothing that combines the two. Something that not only looks cool, but that also performs the part! Well, the wait is over, because we now have the Nike Nike FC! Terrible name, great shoes! They have a great looking mesh/NikeSkin upper and Nike’s latest React Foam cushioning to make for the ultimate everyday street soccer shoes! We go over all of the details in today’s video, letting you know exactly what these are all about! Will you be getting a pair?

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Suhayl Takim says:

hey Josh, I know this isnt related to the video but if you dont mind my asking, why did you stop reviewing sneakers? I would have loved to get your opinion on them

Manis s says:

Notification Squad!!!

Ian Ramos says:

These are sick I would definitely rock these casually.

Juan Bedia says:

Vote for Messi for tje ballon dor the greatest footballer ever to step into a football pitch the legend Messi Messi Messi Messi fans unite and tell your friends and for the king Messi

J Javier says:

Not available in europe yet ?

BN S says:

I only noticed this review now and I have been waiting forever for it

Simon Tjäder says:

Nice video, but can you make more videos about indoor shoes

Emmanuel Zazueta says:

Good review Jared

Leighton Gardner says:

so I’m a big fan of your channel and my football teammates and I use your channel when boot hunting!

Uli Peterson says:

i like them.

James Bowles says:

Next up, Nike Nike Nike FC

Ricardo lopez says:

So I can play with these for a whole season ?

Democratic Republic of Chük says:

IDK, the midsole looks too big to really be good indoor shoes, they’re meant to be low profile.

Leighton Gardner says:

but I sold my fire magista obra and got the phantom vision…but I miss the obra any ideas where I can get a flynit obra!

Rizky Haniprakoso says:

Definitely more indoor reviews!!

Andri Snorrason says:

I would wear these casually.

Dread Pirate Roberts says:

I remember when Nike and Adidas had this cross-over style shoe i believe it was for the 94 world cup. Both companies had a running shoe that was made for soccer. Wish i could still find those.

Varun Vakil says:

Are you going to review the Nike phantom vision indoor line?

Ryan's Adventure & Info says:

I got Magista w Lunarlon bottom, similar to a basketball shoes, and can wear them for street ball too.
Edit: “Lunar Magista 2 Flyknit”

GamerKid_2006 says:

I would wear them causally

Sports For Life10 says:

Could I use them for futsal this season?

Daniel Ortiz says:

But will it come in V O L T ? ?

Filip Carlberg says:

What if Nike put some react in their football boots like adidas do with their boost?

Steve Poorman says:

I think you’re to young to remember that Adidas did this in the mid 90s. I think it was called the “6” or “stopper 6″….I’m not exactly sure on the name.

harsh reetoo says:

not nice

Noelle Francisco says:

I really like the look of these!

Tim Notz says:

I’m impressed with how these shoes have been made for performance. Putting these on for the first time, you can tell your foot won’t be sliding around like it would in a running shoe. I also agree with Josh as they are snug to fit and I don’t expect the shoes to stretch that much. I wouldn’t play in a soccer league with these (I would just buy a traditional pair of indoors) but I do definitely plan on doing agility and sprint work with them. Overall I’m definitely happy with the purchase, and it looks like they are durable and will last a long time.

Jai Thompson says:

Thank you *jackson* , very cool!

Edit: WITHERDRAGON YT if you see this plz continue doing this yourself

John-Joseph Baughman says:

Anyone else just skip to the on feet


Yes I would wear them casually, they are awesome

Elias Kratochwill says:

Can you have a look at the Jako Prestige Kevlar combi shinguards? They seem pretty good, but do they actually give you proper protection?

Adrian Ledezma says:

Honestly this is perfect it’s got that indoor vibe but it looks enough like a sneaker to rock casually

Antonio Villatoro says:

Is it just me or did anyone else think they were a puma shoe from the thumbnail??

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