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The new Adidas Copa 19+ is here! It’s laceless, it’s kangaroo leather, it’s primeknit and a little weird looking all at the same time! Arguably the most complex and unique leather football boots ever, I go over all of the details that you should know, including how they fit and feel on feet! Paulo Dybala will be wearing them starting now, but will you consider these are your next boots?

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Dorian Thomas says:

Next color way please

MeanBeans says:

What are your thoughts on laceless boots in general for Goalkeepers? Laces coming undone in the middle of a match can be a pain to try and retie depending on what cut gloves you have.

Lewis says:

plaaaaaaay test!

Asher Q says:

They look a little odd but on feet they look so fucking cool. I love these

ignacio bustamante says:

Hi Josh, do you know when Nike will launch a new color for Tiempo Legend VII?

JoeL says:

Looks great, thank you very much Jackie

ganga subba says:

I like your hair style and your voice comparing unisport guy

Mesud Avdagic says:

Can you do a review of tape design socks?like the grip socks but differed pls do a review?

Hector Hernandez says:

Do I go true to size

OmeGa ShadozZ says:

Do the 19.1 copas

Miguel Sanchez says:

Laceless hater hehehehe but honestly i felt it really tie

MRBAJT26 says:

Not surprised by your opinion on these. Looking forward to your thoughts on the 19.1 however, which seems to me will have some small, but significant, differences.

张知浩 says:

Hi Josh, What is your normal size exactly? I remember in your early videos you were size 9?

Kryptic Legend says:

If Kroos wears them, I wear them.

Roberto Hinojos says:


L O U P 狼 says:

Predator 19+ soon ?

error #404 says:


Bradley H says:

Please review the PREDATOR 19+ and 19.1 Please!!! Thanks!

David Sedlaczek says:

do you think that the copa 19+/.1 will start a renaissance of leather boots?

YZ Shi says:

hi, I just saw Nike Premier II TF on Nike’s website. Have you tried these? I’m interested in them and wondering if they’re true to size.

Stefan Urquidi says:

The beginning had me weak

Juventus2002 says:

Could you compare these to the Nike Tiempo Legend 7?

Pascal Herbig says:

No stringbag, no deal.

Desto C says:

Jadidas, can you send me a pair of those? Size 9.5 UK thanks!

Andri Snorrason says:

are you going to compare it to that umbro boot that I don’t remember the name to.

Jeffrey O'Gara says:

With all the new boots constantly coming out, do you ever order the wrong size boots?

zaca1997 says:

Drop the copa 19.1 review that’s what everyone what’s to see an know the differences between that and the tiempo legend 7 , I’m stuck between getting the legend 7 or getting the Copa 19.1

wahyu etex says:

Thanx josh.. i want to buy indoor version,, but i change my mind..

Terry Murphy says:

They should be called Adidas copal dq

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