Kids Hypervenom Review | Nike Spark Brilliance Jnr Phantom 2 Soccer Cleats

We review Nike’s Spark Brilliance Hypervenom Phantom II Kids Soccer Cleats.
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TheGreatDavid R:

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Samsung Prime says:

i could easily beat him one v one

Aydin Turfan says:

This kid isn’t even that good in my opinion

Jimmy Nguyen says:


The2 B says:

Were could I get this t shirt ?

Jen Adams says:

Why him not tekkerz kid

Pl BOSS says:

I’ve got them with out the sock

Yahir Perez says:

what type fucking hair style is that lmao

Maciek nikt says:

nice David, I like your boots.

Greian Salvio says:

WHY does he always shake his hands every time he talks ?

Alex Ramirez says:

I ordered a pair of these kids and I ordered them on Wednesday and I got them on Friday

Axel Badibanga says:

Is the durabillity good? Will these last one season? Or longer please help me

Vaduva MAX îm place mult să nu vă lăsați says:


mj ot says:

He shoots from like two yards away

Nabaz Omar says:

David were do you get boots size 4 from

Maciek nikt says:

nice David, I like your boots.

Alejandro Acevedo says:

Que pura verga tira el niño

Nath Neymar gamer geezer L3B says:

He’s more likely to become a trick shot guy or a freestyler btw I am a teenager who is not a girl

Lorenzo B says:

Why does he always shoot from a meter out? Tekkerz Kid actually shoots from far out.

The Sakat says:

You are a stupid


pls can you send me a pair

Dies Siegers says:


Elyssa Aguilar says:

May I get a pair size 4 us

daenelle daylig says:

waw i want that

Football1broz Freekicks says:

What size can you get those boots with a sock

shakeel khan says:

Tekkers kid is certainly better than the Greatdavidr, considering Tekkers kid is 7 years old.

Driftkon says:

Name of the music?

Speedy slog Jr. says:

+Football Boots where did you buy those shoes mate

Lucy Oreilly says:

i have them boots too

Adolfo Ortiz says:

where did you get them?

MiG DoM says:

Hay David I am going so give you Nike hypervenom phantom 2 In gold color and it’s a very nice looking cleats

TreyYT says:

This kids not even that good Tekkerz kid is better

david eduardo urbistondo says:


los hermanos chorizo says:

Van you send me some boots please

Callum Cruickshank says:

Can you only wear them on AstroTurf or on any surface?

TJgotTrickz says:


Samsung Prime says:

i could easily beat him one v one

Ruby Arenas says:

we’re did you get the boots

Connor Gilman says:

I m desperate for sock boots

Yan Vlogs TV says:

I quite like this channel even though I am Brazilian, but this brat
if you think a lot and is nothing all the kicks he gave are easy , because of it I did not like the video. I searched in google translator

Nagel Garcia says:

Do the adidas purechaos jr

Instant Gamer says:

that kid wastes to much money xd

nitya shah says:

Sexy boots

The Destroyer says:

How do you get them

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