Ever since Adidas started making laceless soccer cleats, I’ve been down on them, but for good reason! The latest Adidas Predator 18+, especially in the Cold Blooded Pack colorway, is actually a solid boot, but I can’t say that they’re one of my favorites. Find out what I like and dislike about them, but most importantly, why I like and dislike certain aspects of this cleat! What are your thoughts on the Predator 18+?

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Michael Chai says:

hey great vid again,
just wondering if you could do something cool with that wall behind you, like make it into say a top 20 ranking (however many fit on there) of the best boots you have reviewed and update it as the new colourways and models come out.

Afiq Malik says:

Hey Josh! I realise there’ll be a leather version of the predator 18.1 in the cold blooded pack. I usually play on AG.

Would like to know your opinion on whether the leather or synthetic option would be better for my use. Hope to hear from you!

Tony C says:

On the topic of insole inserts, why don’t you do a comparison test with the boost insole vs. a normal insole. Drop a marble from a fixed height on different insoles and see which one bounce up higher. If the boost insole has a measureable improvement, then it’s better than non-boost.

Aaron Sivasothy says:

Bought the turf version. After 5 mins had to change. No lockdown, couldn’t change direction properly because the fit wasn’t solid and also managed to slightly hurt my ankle. These look amazing though but performance not good. Maybe I should try half size smaller but then length will be a problem. Taking them back.

Jonathan Alvarez says:

would you pick these or the purespeed?

Wyatt adams says:

Would you pick these or the Nike hypervenom phantom 3?

JosiahDyck says:

Hey man I see from your shirt you’re possibly from Toronto. Hmu if you wanna train sometime w me and my team

Night Fury says:

Anyone else miss the ACE?

Andrei 7 says:

Which is more similar to the Flyknit Ultra: Superfly 5 or Vapor 11?

Nic C says:

As a goalie would laceless shoes be good, because unlike a striker, we are not cutting very fast and running hard.

Arun Sahota says:

When are you gonna to do a review of the new puma one?

brennan edmonds says:

I hope he knows thats a joke tho lmao i dont mean that

GaraGaraBang says:

pls do a mizuno monarcida review

Stojan Sutaric says:

Hey Josh, i have wide feet, ace 15.1 leather suited me perfectly. Will puma one 18.1 too?
If not wich would u recommend?

Alejandro Trejo says:

I want to get these I’m a 7.5 so what size should I get them

Benji Wu says:

Will you review the predator 18.1 in this colorway?

Aaron says:

Hey Josh. Is the Predator 18.1 more responsive than the Nemeziz 17.1 and X 17.1?

Tan Tu says:

1:19 Preads lol

Jonathan Alvarez says:

Josh would the primeknit material end up stretching out that it would make the cleat feel really loose after a long time?

Jonathan Kroop says:

I went to an Adidas outlet and bought the Nemeziz 17+ in the ocean storm color way for about $100. Is that considered a good deal or should I bring them back?

kyla neskahi says:

I wish they put extra insoles for these in youth sizes too

Ian Cuspinera says:

A laceless boot will never perform as good as a boot with laces. That’s for sure. People who buy this likes the way they look I guess, and it’s not wrong, but I’m pretty sure that people knows that boots with laces are better. And personally, and I don’t know why, I preffer the way the Predator 18.1 looks, even when out of the laceless aspect, they are the same.

Bhalaji S.R says:

Predator tshirt with CN Tower?! That’s awesome! did you get that in Toronto?

Zsmill says:

Will you be doing a review of the 18+ indoor? Curious about the toe box fit

hehe xd says:

Josh do you prefer the predator 18.1 in the cold blooded colorway or the skystalker colorway?

CrimeFIFA says:

What do you prefer?
Nemeziz 17.1
Hypervenom phantom 3 low

Lionel Messi_fan says:

Why are soccer cleats so flimsy these days?!

Baruch Chesed says:

I want them

Juanchos 21 says:

What are some good cleats for people with wide feet?

Panda Girl says:

Why not do a review on those

Peter Rooney says:

laceless are awesome. i tried the 18.1 and i liked my 18 + way more

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