Let’s Talk About Soccer Cleats / Indoor Soccer Shoes ( Reviews 2018 )

Hey! If you like hearing about soccer cleats / football cleats and indoor soccer shoes, check out this conversation I had with my main man Matt from Fishers Soccer Shack

We talked about soccer cleats, futsal shoes, indoor soccer shoes, and outdoor football cleats.

He gave a few short soccer cleat reviews and gave me some good idea about what shoes to buy in 2018


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Let’s Talk About Soccer Cleats / Indoor Soccer Shoes ( Reviews 2018 )


J 11 says:

I m who made it from 599 to 600 views.

Pablo Ramirez says:

You should try to get some more soccer cleat knowledge. It’s quite interesting how much stuff they put in shoes nowadays. I suggest you watch sr4u on YouTube. He really knows his stuff on soccer cleats. Plus he lives in Canada too 😀

GranTurismo Player6789 says:

Hair is looking sick

GG10Comps says:

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store should create a web site for his store if he want to make more money as now everything is ecommerce and you could help him with social media marketing .

Favour Asuoha says:

Wud he ship to US

Futbolista Zurdo says:


JK10 says:

Yo its judah, I send you a new message please check it out, nice video I am a boot lover. Keep the hard work up.

Adam Griffin says:

I just tore my hamstring on turf with cleats so I’m eagerly watching this video to see If I can find something that’s going to keep me safer on turf! Thank you for this

Ben Medrek says:


Luke Nantz says:

Did you not get anything after asking questions that while time?

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