Mercurial Superfly IV Review | Radiant Reveal Nike Football Boots

We review the Nike Radiant Reveal Mercurial Superfly 4 Soccer Cleats.
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Ethan Anders:

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MR. LoL Guy team says:

He stands like gay

Football Flipping Aaron says:

Should you go true to size or half a size down

cesar navarro says:


apple gamer says:

where do you get them

apple gamer says:


JusT Feska says:

please do compare tiempo 6 vs adidas x15.3

Alex cruz says:

Can you Do like a fake vs real on these plz

Omar Espitia says:

How can you become a boot tester?

Ballerboys 123 says:

I got a pair and it’s definitely worth the money great vid

Loffy sanji says:

IKR fucking every time I buy boots laces

owen fegan says:

really dont mean to be a hater you seem a nice guy but come on showing slow mo replays for pea rollers is pretty boring and good skills like but wasnt really a review was it just literally u playinh with them and reading what it says on nikes description of them

Anton Piñero says:

Where is this place?

David Payes says:

Hey, how did u get a different string bag? (Just asking mate) cause the one i got is the plain black and white (and they are original 100%

하메스 TV says:

What about durability?

EmilFootball says:

Nice review!

Louis Wong says:

what nike socks are you wearing

Cool gamer mine says:


best sponge ever says:

i have them boots

Bobby Bob says:

is it normal to experience some heel slippage in the boot?


I’m a wide foot player should I get them??

David Payes says:


Pricey Freestyle says:

Great video Ethan loved the drone camera angles

Lilee Wilmshurst says:

Can I be part of football boots

Five-Star Freestylers says:

Nice video mate 🙂 drone footage looks sleek 🙂

Dusty Brah says:

Everyone please check out my latest video I’ll sub you if u drop a like and comment

Pablo Pineda says:

Hey if anyone here that has bought something from their website can confirm/deny the boot’s legitimatacy? Thanks

charlie henry says:

So u can’t read very well then ?

Osma bin Meme says:


Extreme Channel says:

i am first yeyy

Rashid Alkuwari says:

keep it up

Zack Bolland says:

Fantastic video Ethan!

Ethan Anders says:

Awesome, loved it, thanks so much guys!!!

FOOTBALL skills l مهارات كرة القدم says:


mileng je says:

Can you Do like a fake vs real on these plz

Esteban Novoa says:

technique > 0
Boots > 100

TBshooterz 10 says:

How do you get one of those tops

CP7Media says:

Nice stuff Ethan

Pepijn De haan says:

Why does he test only his skils so boring

Kashinova theky says:


Logan Scott says:

How is hitting the like button helping us get the boots?

GoalsGalore says:

Nice video Ethan mate

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