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There’s no question that Messi’s football boots aren’t the most popular, especially right now. Much of that is down to the boots, but the colorways also play a big part of that! The all new Initiator Pack however, is a little more exciting then what we’ve been seeing! Today we take a closer look at this Superman-esque colorway of the Adidas Nemeziz Messi 18.1 and talk about whether or not the lack of popularity is warranted. Would you wear Messi’s signature boots?

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codymyster10 says:

Those primary colours have ACC?

jhonny martis says:

how much money cost the soccer boots

Teodor Cotofan says:

Romanian flag on messi’s Boots .Nice!

jack drummond says:

Anyone seen the initiator pack on his boot wall

Bryson Riddington says:

Can you do a cleaning tutorial for X 18.1s?

Fergus Kelly says:

Josh, what boots do you prefer Tiempo legend 7 or Phantom Vision?

Ather says:

Lol I still wear nemeziz 17.2

Brain Work says:

Iam very poor

Jelang Ramadhan says:

jefh, on nemeziz 17.1 review if I’m not mistaken, you said you prefer the regular nemeziz outsole rather than the messi version.
Since there is no difference in outsole between nemeziz 18.1 and 17.1 why now you said the messi version is better? You change your mind?

Takeuchi Omaha says:

Naah. They look hideous

Nathan Domingos says:

Which cleats have the stiffest soleplates/have the least amount of stud pressure? I recently broke my foot and will need to change boots

Cris Montesdeoca says:

Do they have indoors

Zwei 25 says:

Tbh, I think they look quite bad
Especially the yellow part
The red and blue looks fine

Wonka says:

What do you prefer?

Hypervenom phantom or nemeziz 18.1?

The price doesn’t matter to me

I am The Juan says:

Will you get the same feel and boot with the regular 18.1 wit the black and white color way

Александър Добрев says:

Are these boots are good for wide feet ?

Joshua Khosrofian says:

If Messi is Superman for adidas, then why did they give him Kryptonite-colored boots for the World Cup?!?

Michael Andan says:

How’s the width of the shoe? Is it considered as narrow like the mercurial?

LR10Elite Comps says:

Man said spider man and super man. GTFO it’s FCB

aditya venkatesh says:

Those are FCB colors man!

Lizo Joseph says:

Don’t u get FCBs home kit Vibes

Terry Murphy says:

Oh dammmm

OTBC says:

Cheers Jeff.

Ivan Diaz says:

Messi’s logo is on one of the studs

Matt Hodson says:

All of the Messi boots look awful

Tyler Underwood says:

Josh. Got the WC 18.1 preds for 100. Scoooooore.

NikilDaGr8 says:

Those match Messi’s FCB kit?

William Da Silva says:

Why does it look like an 18.3

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