Mid-Cut vs Low-Cut Soccer Cleats/Football Boots – What’s Better?

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Katerina Miller says:

Can you review the puma evotouch 2 fg

manbir tung says:

Something to add the mid cut does add a bit more feel for the ball but low cut gives more comfort


I like the mid cut because of the heel isn’t pointy like low cut

dogeruler says:

This helped me a lot, thanks soccer reviews

Brad McEntire says:

I have a set of low cut hypervenoms and mid cut hypervenoms and my mid cut boots feel tighter around the inside of my foot where I pass the ball with, might just be an anomaly tho

_CelVoxis224 _ says:

Low cut cleats are cheaper for nikes

minecraftgangsta 69 says:

I would recomend the sock boots because it is more confty and looks cool.

World. says:

I love my hypervenom phantom 2, it’s great for my wide foot

Stian Lindberg says:

what about heal chafings? Will the sock prevent them? Thats my biggest question

Josmin Bonilla says:

i got blisters on my heels after wearing my mid cut cleats for the first time 🙁

Rorytopia 12 says:

I have a pair of mid cut boots but I put ankle tape underneath anyone else ?

Abby sabedra says:

Do you sell cleats

The Best says:

Should i buy nike hypervenon phantom 2 mid cut or hypervenom phinish

Nova Clan says:

And this is why we have lacing techniques

It'sJust Oscar says:

For me the low cut shoes are really what I prefer, but the mid cut just looks better, but I’m not going to decide. I’m going to buy a new boot, but unsure which to buy. I kind of want to buy Mercurial and the Hypervenom and Tiempo, I would like some suggestions for these 3 types.

random geeza says:

wtf I just spent £100 on a sock boot when I could have got the same shoe without the Sock for £50

erica lewis says:

What do you prefer

Main Frame says:

why do you have so many cleats

DBXHD says:

Those J’s are ugly af

Air Fluxx says:

Omg this was posted on my birthday last year

Aden'slifeandthings says:

should i buy the nike vapor 11 or the new nike hypervenom phinsh?

Waleed Abdalla says:

In my opinion low cut looks way better but mid cut I feel is more secure

Andre Gamer says:

midcut is better

Jydenx2 HD says:

I have the hypervenom phantom 2 ousadia alegria mid cut cleats and i feel as though they do provide support to my ankle as the carbon fibre has an elasticated sensation.

Jtejeda 1122-_0 says:

ohhhh i thought low/mid cut as in price

Clinky says:

I generally find it’s harder to hit a ball underneath to get height on it with a mid-cut.

Fifa Player Faces says:

So I have terrible ankles, what cleat should I get?

Adam Pierlot says:

mate this is a great video i think your spot on with your points and opinions so yeh keep up the great content

Dude Bros says:

Nike hypervenom or magista

Esteban TA12 says:

I never got any blister from my phantom 2 2nd den upper

Lijiij Namco says:

Some adidas would look really nice if they were high cut like nikes

Samual Jones says:

i prefer mid cut

Cole matejczyk says:

But mid cut shoes look so good

Messiben 0.o says:

What boots should I get seeing that I’m a Striker???

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