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The X line has finally gone laceless! The new $280 X 18+ is the first ever laceless speed boot from Adidas, introducing all kinds of new tech! Along with the laceless system, these football boots also feature a Skeletalweave Upper, Claw Collar and Speedframe soleplate! If that sounds like there’s a lot going on, that’s because there is! These are also the boots you’ll be seeing Mo Salah and many other pros wearing during the 2018 World Cup! Are they the best laceless boots ever?

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Joolz1982 says:

Josh so you think this is the best laceless system Adidas has done could you compare all the laceless boots e.g 18+, Predator, Nemziz, Adidas X for lockdown and feel? Do you think Adidas will ever get lockdown as good as laces in a laceless boot?

Ruslan Aiman says:

Those who disliked the video definitely don’t know how to tie their shoes

Ace Bower says:

Will they bring them in sg?

Onyeka Agada says:

You should make a video on retro boots to buy instead of the current ones

TimdubW says:

what’s the whitish layer that are in between the blue weave? is that the layer underneath the weave or the top layer


Hey josh,can you review a synthetic version of Puma One 18.1?

Evan Hennessy says:

He said “the simple answer to this questuon is no” 3 times dam

Jawad Ahmed says:

Can we get a X17+ vs X18+ video please

Harry Gilvray says:

Can you do a proper comparison with the 18.1 please

Evan Hennessy says:

What is the beat at the end called

Christopher Lopez says:

p l a y t e s t

MYB 88 says:

can these be washed in a washing machine with no harm whatsoever ?

Eleventeen 14 says:

Do you prefer the X 18.1 or the X 17+?

루오갓 says:


Iver Hanslien says:

The intro…means this is the perfect shoe for me

Fahmid Kadir says:

Is the X18+ better or the NEMEZIZ18+ ?

mojobassa says:

A play test between this and the X 18.1 with a timed sprint test around the 18 yard box would be good. will be able to test straight line speed as well as a short sprint with a quick 90 degree change of direction. As always awesome review. Love the detailed explanations

Ernyboi says:

Ugly shoes in my opinion

S C A R S says:

A wild ramos appeared out of nowhere

Ramos used arm bar its super effective critical hit

Salah fainted
You blacked out and scurried towards the nearest paramedics table

osbert says:

Utterly ridiculous.

Trymm Smørsgård says:

Do they form well in the heel? I got kind of a weird heel with a little bump on it caused by alpine ski boots.
Allso, do they fit a wide foot with a high wrist?
I cant fit in predator, but I got adidas x 16.1 pink blue which was a bit tight to begin with, but now they are good.

Daniel R. Anderson says:

At this point, the X17+ purespeed is close to the 18.1 in terms of price. Which is your preference between those two?

MINECRAFTLover 6969696969 says:

What’s next, laceless copas?

sabeet s says:

Do you like the x 18.1 more or the 18+

Miguel Torres says:

You should do a whats in my soccer bag world cup edition

Uncle Billy JR says:

Vapour 12 vs x18+

They Live We See says:

but does it protect you from Ramos??

Jim Creechan says:

These boots remind me of lotto zero gravity

William Trabal Kierscht says:

Adidas tried, and succeeded, to do what Nike did with vapor 3 with the heel pads

Emmanuel Saama says:

these boots feel like cardboard on foot

Splat bot says:

Josh are the Nike bravatas a exclusive for southern America and Europe?

sabeet s says:

How long will the stay in hood condition ? Some people say the heel part starts ripping after a few days

Meloun Vodní says:

Hello, i have really important question. Its not about this shoe, but i really need to know your opinion. My stud on my superfly IV broke off and i dont know if it’s dangerous to play in them? It is one stud under heel on outer side.

César Ariel says:

Salah is injured.

ThatsStraight UpBullshit says:

i don’t like adidas. anymore

chris 1279 says:

Does this also replace the Purechaos

sabeet s says:

This or predator 18+ ? Please reply

Tianyi Zhang says:

Plz do a play test on both X 18.1 & X 18+.

Lakshan Kumar says:

josh, will u make a play test video? because i heard this boot got really good lockdown from a lot of people.i wanna hear your opinion too

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