NEMEZIZ 360 Agility Review – adidas 17+ Messi Football Boots

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We lace up and review adidas’ NEMEZIZ 17+ 360 Agility Soccer Cleats. Are they the best offering from adidas?
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Adam Gordon says:

How to buy in South Africa kids version

Jeff Jallow says:

can matt vs Blake in a battle for the nemeziz 360 agility

One and Only says:

Best editing skills ever

david Connolly says:

Review the green x

Parichay Barpanda says:

Which one should i buy: primeknit 17.1 or nemesis 17.2?

Liam Telander says:

Is there any difference between the adult and the kids version

-K Team- says:

2. Sub to me
2. Comment when done
3. I will sub back to you

Camden Yinger says:

5:48 what’s on screen

MatteusS07 says:

love it

xWeeedy Minecraft PvP says:

I bought these boots, just because my dad paid for them so i had an unlimited budget lol and these were really new. Im getting them in 4 days. I think im gonna love them

Nabeel Akhtar says:

2:34 wtf is a lawn mower doing on turf lol. At least I think it’s turf…

Sahil Bilal says:

Can you please suggest me, which football shoes is best for dribbling.

rj acorn playes sports says:


Kevin Diaz says:

I’ve been commenting lately on you guys vids I want to win the giveaway pls

Matchday39 says:

Quality bangers and review from Matt

Rea 939 says:

Nemesiz is the replacement for messi line in adidas

Noah Hosfeld says:

Purespeed all the way

Mahammad Dhul Qarnain says:

I prefer adidas 17.3 dhust storm

Confused Black kid that has it all figured out says:

What size should I go with in these if I’m a size 10 in superfly v?

Christian Evans says:

adidas glitch or the adidas nemeziz, which one is better?

Shaid Dassat says:

Make a video of hypervenom vs nemeziz

Clipz SurFace says:

To soften the boot all you do is get hot water and you put the hot water on the hard parts so it’s more comfortable

david jimenez says:

Im going to get the 17.3 because it looks the same, is cheaper and i think its better

Retarted Jevs says:

guys! for my outdoor boots i have Messi F.16 Green/Black

idk what indoor boots i should get!

here are my thoughts
Cr7 Mercurial Green/Grey
Nj11 Hypervenom Black/white
Messi Nemezis

which ones?

Master Troller says:

Where do we get the nemesis made for messi the black nemesis you were holding in the beginning of the video

Ujel bhujel says:

Do u free give away

Christian Gonzalez says:

They are the best because Messi wears them and hes the best

MrVrob8 says:

Hey Mike, did you prefer the Nemeziz or the Glitch? Any rollover inside?


Daniel Guardia says:

i think that the adidas 17+ purespeed is the best boot for me

Angelica Parker says:

they look nicde

Gabriel Palermo says:

0:08 yuh

Kenrick Chung says:

I bought these online and they are coming tommorow but there is one problem

i have wide feet

Ach9 brb says:

Song name please

TC10Football says:

agilityknit 2.0 isn’t an evolution of primeknit, its an evolution of the agilityknit on the messi 16.1 and pureagility

Nick Yam says:

Look Sick!!! Truly amazing pair of boots

Silly X Nation says:

great video

Roberto_salas says:

I’m buying them in 2 days finally

Angel Zapata says:

did someone notice a plane in 6:07

basil saleh says:

Are they the same width as a mercurial. And would you recommend it if you had a normal to wide foot.

Nelson Garcia says:

Do a nemeziz 17.1 review please

Nerdboy 360 says:

Can u do a boot battle with Hypervemon 3 and this boot please.

Rozak 7 says:

Evo speed sl-s 4 ever

Sam Hunter says:

after wearing them how much lock down do you think they offer? I have the ace 16 pure control and after about 20 minutes of wearing them I find they stretch and my foot moves

Ethan Kmieske says:

I have the lace less

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