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Usually when Nike comes out with a signature football boot for any player, it ends up being pretty special, and the Neymar JR “Silencio” Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite is no different, they look great! Here’s the thing though, Neymar has yet to wear them and story behind the “SHHH” design doesn’t really make a lot of sense! In today’s video we take a closer look at Neymar’s latest boots and discuss why I think this release has easily been Nike’s biggest fail of 2019! What do you think of this release?

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Retaliator R6 says:

Atleast it has AC-SHHHHH

Naufan says:

nice vid Vujojosh very nice

Immortal says:

$275 for those!!! Oh hell no! The boots are just disrespectful to Neymar

please enter a name. says:


man utd is better than psg

TheTBag44 2.0 says:

6:38 quick flex

MrGrumpy Cat says:

“and as you can see the insole also urges you to be quiet”
i like you

Chan Chan says:

Saw Dani Alves wearing them this past week against Man United and it looks good on field

Chan Chan says:

Saw Dani Alves wearing them this past week against Man United

TGM channel says:

Ha ha 17 . (3 – 1 )because they lost ( 3 – 1 )

Sagnik Pan says:

Neymar went shhhhhh after being kicked out of the ucl. Dani Alves wore them in the match against Manchester United. Why did he used Neymar ‘s signature silencio colourway???

Kbittle says:

Ahhhhhh, I love the 3-1. Too bad we couldn’t follow it up today. Pathetic 🙁

Mitchell Volk says:

Unpopular opinion but I think they’re great… hopefully some sales then!

Chaitanya Dave says:

Hey Josh I watch your videos every day a they might not be someone better in the football review business then you however bro at times I feel you highly critics some boots for no apparent reason I really don’t know how Nike and Adidas bare this criticism and are still so close to you I don’t mean your bad at all just that some comments you make on the shoe kills the vibe if you were going to buy it

Adrian Martinez says:

stop rating the string bag like that, shits repetitive and annoying still love your reviews though.

proxcimo portero de la selecion says:

Hi jo shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ashneel P says:

Rules don’t care about your feelings. Totally a penalty..

Lalito says:

Comment section . I’m getting new boots and I’m unsatisfied with my last purchase of the X18.1s… why should I buy? Reason I dislike the x18s because they felt bulky..

Jesse Claassen says:

That was a penalty #ManUtd fan

Nacho Business says:


Cxrter Bruv says:

Honestly, who the fuck would want neymar written on their boots when they could get messi or Ronaldo boots

Mathan Yoseph says:

how about you Shhhhhh on the Man utd game. OLE handing out L’s, line em up 😀

Ahmad Farhan says:

People dont like neymar thats why

Karma Navarro says:

I honestly dont like these shhhhhhoes.

samJRulz1 says:

Neymar is just a tropical Stewart Downing. In the bin!

manos nikoletos says:

The boots look way better with the red laces !

Zach Pace says:

Anyone who doesn’t get the 3-1 joke is a robot

sdotmiles says:

Should have reviewed the AG version instead to see if the different studs/soleplate gives Vapors a different feeling

Danyal Khan says:

Champions League : PSG is out

PSG : Shhhhh..

ijuwan says:

Honestly guys, this boot is…

ZEUS_re says:

Neymar in an interview:

Interviewer: Neymar are you actually injured or are you faking?

Neymar: shhhh

Zwei 25 says:

Nike Biggest fail this year would prob be the Grey and Yellow colourway
It looks really bad
This Neymar boots look sick

Retaliator R6 says:

Atleast it has AC-SHHHHH

I D says:

Halo Jessica

Young Sinatra says:

I tried them on and they looked so good but the upper was stiff but I guess once worn in, it will soften up

Saba Jamil says:

how many times does he say shhhhh

Ada Norberg says:

I love the design, they look sweet

iTzExplode says:

great looking boots….got myself a pair cause of the look and the fact the swoosh was on the side. didn’t even know the backstory 🙂 if you like how a shoe looks just buy it don’t be persuaded otherwise just cause of a stupid backstory….no one you play with is going to ask anyway 😉

Football 69 says:

Is there much difference between the Adidas Nemeziz 18.3 and the Nike Superfly 6 Academy in terms of quality and comfort?

Mohit Sapre says:

Please make videos on the takedown of this colourway

Darryl Rayhanw22 says:

why the Pro IC and Pro Turf version have a different design??? please respond me ,cus i’m pretty curious

arti phadnis says:

Question for q and a:Is the speedmesh tech of adidas x any useful??

Lutofi says:

Busta straight busta

Dylan Corbett says:

Why they not called diver

Football 69 says:

When wearing Mid cuts, it is important for the collar to come higher than my socks? In my country its very hot, so during training we wear short socks.

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