Parking Lot VS Soccer Cleats/Football Boots – NEVER DO THIS!

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Brady Volstad says:

What am I doing with my life


Destroying such beautiful boots

Bill Cosby says:

How to make your outdoor soccer cleats to indoor

ZachAltieri says:

‘destroyed in 5 minuets’
*video turns out to be 2 minuets*

Badar Sholeh says:

Your the one who is breaking it

Minato Namikaze says:

So sad

Harvey Chard says:

You made a pair of Astro boots

Amelia_C says:

I wonder how somebody would react if they walked past you and saw you doing that.

Jose Ruelas says:

Watching this hurts

Crazy Panda says:

you rich bastard

Rabi Dabi says:

How to make an indoor boot in 5 mins


Les hubieras regalados esos
Botines a alguien

supernation HD says:

I have indoor version

Max-soccer plays says:

When your need indoor shoos

David Alaba says:

*Try not to get mad challenge* Football edition

K10 Magician Messi says:


Haziq Rahmat says:

The boots go skrrraa

Rudy FC says:

he’s turned them into indoors

barcelona fan says:

Diy make your own indoor shoes

Derek Shoring says:

How to turn ur cleats into indoors

Emerald Gamer says:

Is he trying to get sponsored by cr7’s mecurials when he is sliding??? just curious…

Weekly dose Of soccer skillz says:

I would also like to ask why he wasn’t wearing FG studs

morowiecki 03 says:

you idiot

Nitu Singh says:

why did you destroyed the boots they were noce

Unidentified Pug says:

U just sliding on the floor!! No justification done!!!

Alfredo Castaneda says:

Thats so dumb

Bravefort hd says:

The ting went 1:04

Weekly dose Of soccer skillz says:

The thing is who is going to be sliding their feet across concrete or purposely trying to slide across it??????… this video is so dumb

Alfredo Castaneda says:

Do you have another pair

Prashant Sharma says:


F3OSTER ! says:

I own these mercurials and the studs are already beat

Soccer Reviews For You says:

For those who are upset about the cleats being ruined in the video, I have other plans for them as well. So expect to see them in more videos coming soon to the channel. Thanks for watching!

Rehan Shaikh says:

Can i get those?

Бакдаулет Дуйсебай says:

Oh no

22_22 Basic says:

As long as they weren’t original I’m okay with this video(anyone agree?

Artyom Art says:

#it is gonna be OK#

Vaggos Vaggos says:

This is how they make indoor shoes

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