Welcome to another SR4U Q & A! Your football related questions, and my answers to them. In this episode I discuss what I think the next big technology advancement in football boots, if laceless boots are here to stay, if it’s possible to shrink your boots, what boots I would pick to wear for the rest of my life and so much more! What are your answers to some of these questions?

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Saucyboybeto _ says:

Thank you, jahseh for your QNA

Ryan Isom says:

Hey Josh being a fan of the Adidas Predator Instinct how would you say the feel compare to the Nike Phantom Venom?


Send me some laces because I need to try them out before I buy some

Evan Curtis says:

Choose the Joma Champion

Aiden’s Soccer Life says:

I have Nike tiempos!!!

Aiden’s Soccer Life says:

Do they still make adidas predator?

Aziz hah says:

Josh, do you think adidas started to hate SR4U laces? that is why they invent the laceless boot technology.. so OBVIOUS adidas….

Sam Aithwaite says:

josh i just want to thank you for doing this its very helpful

mojosan says:

The next Revolution should be durability. But why would a company do that

Amazingshawn says:

I’d go CR7 Mecurial 2015

Popa Robert says:

The only reason i can’t watch your videos anymore is that chair . Whyyyy?

Aziz hah says:

4:44 GREAT choice! after breaking in, the boots really feels great, amazing and whatever you want to say. lol. im still wearing it!!

David Büchner says:

I would pick the Adidas x 17.1 for the rest of my life

Pop Team says:

Yay I’m in one

Sergio Marquez says:

what would you recommend for shin splits

Crazy Legend says:

next football boots technology is leather.

RP 14 says:

Are you doing a review on fully charged venoms

E_M_E_T says:

hey kids, your boost aren’t shrinking. Your feet are growing.

Ethan Addo says:

For leather boots if they’re wet and than dry them in the sun they shrink. Happened to my Vapor 10s tech craft packs.

Garethdoherty123 says:

Review the new/old predators

Pedro Jimenez says:

I would not want to be In that wall if you’re taking the freekick. I’d rather live

Tianyi Zhang says:

No zip boot? So sad for Under Armour.

Aiden’s Soccer Life says:

More funny soccer cleats memes please!!!!!

Sagnik Pan says:

Why did Dani Alves wore the new Neymar signature silencio vapor 360 elite????

oswald l says:

That’s a big ass mic!

Nufc !! says:

i just got some Puma one 18.1 in leather and i can feel my heel slipping a bit and half a thumb size in the toe box, i don’t have the money currently for grip socks… is there anyways on shrinking them because they’re leather or shall i return them and wait two weeks for new ones which means i won’t be able to play for that time?

Humza Rehman says:

What’s the better boot Nike phantom vision elite or the adidas x 18.1

Leonel Garcia says:

“Come to Besiktas”

Linus Bondo Jensen says:

Hey josh i just Got my new nemeziz 18.1 and it fits perfectly all over my foot! But I feel like I am for some reason sliding around ALOT while playing making changes of direction and stuff like that. Are they just not that locked down and/or is there anything to do about it? I had mercurials before and they felt better in that aspect

seb morgan says:

series or pewdiepie

fat stacks says:

Hey Joshiboi, which AG boots would you recommend?

Jim Buckley says:

Tough choice for me between the Red Adidas Predator Accelerators, or the Nike CTR360 Maestri’s in the colourway they called Black / White / Retro.


2:35 it may be new nemeziz 19+

Adam Mufc says:

What happened to your football boot collab with a “company”?

I D says:

No one want to be aim at the head especially when Jessica shoot.

pi4 koito ima krasivi kraka says:

Which do you think is the most overrated football boot ever?

N Ster says:

Thank you jackjohnjohnathanjanicejonasjapjarija, very cool!

Bryan Candela says:

Shoulda named the players with laceless BOOTS

Rene Rodriguez6 says:

I wonder what a day in the life for Jared is like…

Nixon Plays says:

Thank you jessica very cool

sazli ali says:

5:40 man those are hypervenoms

Binty Ahmed says:

Nike mercurial vapor 12 vs phantom venom

Iamkaan7 says:

I am thinking of purchasing some tiempo legend 7 elites, I have wide feet and don’t know if I will fit into them, I also since I live in England am thinking to get the anti-clog versions but buy plastic replacement studs to use on 3g and I want to know if anything would happen to the sole plate or the upper. If you could reply and advise me what to do

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