PLAY TEST REVIEW : adidas Predator 18+

One of the most iconic boots in the history of soccer is back and better than ever, but it might not be quite what you were expecting.

Although it goes by the same name, there are many features on the new adidas Predator that make it virtually unrecognizable to the last commercially released version back in 2014.

In fact, this cleat is replacing the recently discontinued ACE model and is an evolution of that technology, coupled with DNA that evokes the nostalgia of the tradition black, white and red Predator of the past. You’ll also see the likes of former ACE players, Mesut Ozil and Paul Pogba, wearing the new Predator in yet another link between the two cleat families.

So, what is it that makes the new predator the same as the ACE and what makes it different? Watch our full play test review above for more on the Predator 18+ performance, fit, touch and more.

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My most memorable Predator moment was when Beckham scored that goal striking behind the middle line, It was when everybody turned their heads and start to notice the Predator boots

Ephraim Kihondo says:

Beckham Free Kick v Greece 2001

lanre show says:


Noe Aguilera says:

It looks smooth and fresh

Sub Bot says:

Most Memorable Predator Moment: When Zidane DESTROYED the net with that crunching volley in The CL.

Bubba Billz says:

My most memorable moment was when I first started to play and we didn’t have enough money to buy the newest cleats that were around but I was around 7 so I didn’t really care so they found me some old pair of the blue predators but everyone actually thought they were sick and from that moment I started to love football and still do

Fabio says:

Most memorable Predator moment is when Arnie shouts ” GET TO THA CHOPPERRR !”

Sean Dorsey says:

David beckham freekick against greece 2008

Ryee5 says:

Looks like they finally have a pair with shoelaces!!!

Seth Choice says:

my most memorable predator moment was when i wacthed this video and got 10k likes and got my very first predator ever

Charlie Morgan says:

“Beckham could raise the roof here with a goal… I don’t believe it! David Beckham scores the goal… to take England all the way to the World Cup Finals… Give that man a knighthood.”

Absolute chills- iconic.

ronaldinho guocho says:

My moment is when I made a bisicil kick in to the goal

PkGamer25 says:

The most memorable pair? My $5 dollar boots with which I scored my first volley and won the game for my friends lol.

Doug Bordeaux says:

My most memorable moment was when Paul Pogba scored a 30 yard strike to give France a 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in their World Cup qualifier on Oct 10th 2016.

Adjani Mamboleo says:

Wow how many

Tetricuber says:

My favorite moment was David Beckham’s free kick against Greece in 2001, that was absolutely crazy!

supersonic gamer says:

Or maybe even the El Clásico in April 2017 where Messi broke the 2-2 tie again real Madrid in the last minute of extra time.. truly my most memorable moment

48236ish says:

The most iconic predator moment was Zidane’s strike against Bayer Leverkusen in the UCL final on his weak foot. One of the greatest goals from one of the all time greatsI’m

Muzhar Neuman says:

i have no memories but plz like my comment i want those cleats lolll

Jak Garcia says:

I have the .3s and I love them I need to play in them

Otto Asbeury-De la Cruz (Grade 08) says:

Most memorable moment was when messi obtained his 5th blon d’oro

Noe Aguilera says:

My memorable moment
is when Pogba makes the mannequins dab

Timofeiz Football says:

Most memorable moment was when they were released and Pogba wore them


My most memorable moment of the predators was when Zidane scored for Real Madrid in the UCL final against Mayer Leverkusen

Rayhan Chowdhury says:


Youssef Abd Rabbihi says:

can i pleas win i was planning to buy them but i dont have money

Cadean Gardner says:

predator pogba in the ads

Bambang Rekosa says:

I love adidas…

Yas Khatibani says:

I don’t have one

Gerardo Valle says:

my most time was when my mom look My Dad score a goal before know’s, there is perhaps because of the predator I am here …

Mask Man says:


Carson Carey says:

Beckham scores the best free kick in 2002 against Greece to win it

Jerson Taneo says:

mine was when I saw the predator 18

Pietro Manarin says:

When I saw these shoes

superduuuude1 says:

When i started playing club ball my dad gave me his predator powerswerve that he had, i felt like i had just achieved the most badass pair of boots in history still remember my first time putting them on and kicking around for like 4 hours felt like i could rip a hole in the corner pocket

godson pierre says:

The most memorable moment was when David Beckham went against Greece in 2001, some moments in the game defined a career, that game also was the moment the Predator got the reputation as the ultimate free-kick football boot. A stoppage time free-kick to send England to the 2002 World Cup.

FSL says:

My most memorable moment was when messi scored that Goal back in the early 2000s that was like Diego Maradona’s

Baironivan Vasquez says:

THE most memorable predator moment was when David Beckham got caught buying that expensive escort…..that or zidanes’ headbud.

Unbelieveable Videos says:

I just woud like to win this unbeliveable shoes
Im from germany and i think this shoes are amazing. I never win something and these shoes were anought for my hole life. You would make me so happy if i get the chance to get this shoes to show everyone how great soccer looks like.
Happy xmax and best reguards.

Julian Jennings says:

If I win i will cherish these boots because they are a work of art. Kaka scoring THAT goal against a great united side or the Zidane volley in the 2002 UEFA Champions League, or even Beckham halfway line goal vs Wimbledon just shows why this boot is such an iconic boot.

Caleb Ferguson says:

I had predators the one with the huge flip ove tung and I did a sisers and scored

Maher Al Mania says:

Briliant skills

Abhiram Kola says:

when zidane scored the volley in fina;

ROGER JM says:

Zidane obviously he wore them 1998 2002

Honza Kovář says:

Absolutelly perfect.

supersonic gamer says:

Most memorable moment:
“agueroooooo”: Aguero’s title winning goal in may 2012 for manchester city in the ethiad stadium with seconds to spanre

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