Possibly the Worst New Cleats of 2017? – Under Armour Spotlight 2.0 (Zipper) – Review + On Feet

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gabinholou says:

Se a nike fizesse essa chuteira esse cara iria achar linda.

SFortniteXXXS says:


justin bradley says:

Didn’t there used to be a dial for the lacing system?

Corey Lesieur says:

Josh…the next A list actor

Jerry Speedy says:

Hey josh how do you expect the under armour clutchfit 3.0 to hold up on ag fields?

B1A2 b says:

Are you going to review the ocean storm pack?

Dat Dang says:

dude, Under Armour is gonna get mad at the intro

Riccardo Merli says:

I think that if you cut away the zip (something like zlatan did with his purechaos) they could be a great boots, i like the soleplate and the upper looks good, i’d like to buy them but they costs too much..

Daniel M says:

But if Nike or Adidas did it, it would’ve been amazing is all about the brand

Moritz Mlosch says:

The beginning hahahahah

Ethan Robertson says:

The intro saved me from death

Dank Boi says:

What if the zipper breaks while you have the cleats on, BOOM you have a permanent cleat

African Chili says:

what is under armour smoking why would they make the retail price $220

Marcelo Flores says:

Good looking boot

dennzer DÓD says:

How have they held up so far

TC TUBER says:

They need to make a blue denim jeans colourway of these boots lol! The green upper texturing pattern reminds me of the one on the old Adidas Ace 15.4 which was super soft (I scored 4 goals on my first wearing of those takedown X’s) for a takedown. In my opinion aesthetically they should have made 2 shades of green here. Would not buy these esp given the weight

AArya says:

Do a play test!!!!

Danimal The Animal says:

The colorway reminds me of shego from Kim possible

Kuba Freak says:

To be honset ….They look sick …I would buy them 100%

TheKevinriveraa says:

I actually quite like the cleat wpuld look sick in all white or black

Pablo Olvera says:

I kinda like them

Cole Dewitt says:

Are you gonna review the furon 3.0?

ThePJSampson says:

Since this is a soccer channel most of y’all won’t know what I’m talking about but one of my favorite basketball shoes of all time is Gary Payton’s Nike Zoom the Glove. The shoes have a zippered shroud on them and are pretty cool 90s basketball shoes. These UA cleats remind me a lot of the gloves but the zipper isn’t really a great look on a soccer cleat

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