Pros & Cons of Mid-Cut Football Boots/Soccer Cleats

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Sayan Das says:

Does mid cut boots help our shin in someway?

Daniel Ball says:

What’s better the legend 6 or the hypervenom 3

that guy says:

I hate when people say it’s easier to put on the low cut shoes than high cut. If you have one of the Nike shoes with a one piece upper, I find it’s harder to put on than high cut.

Zacharie Roy says:

My superfly 5s give me blisters is there a reason

Pia G says:

In my adidas 17.3 aces the plastic under the sock digs into my ankle and gives me bruises. Does anyone else have this problem? If so how can I fix it without buying new shoes?

Timmyvo123desertr2d2 says:

Idk why but I feel like for mid cut shoes, the laces don’t come undone

kTA says:

I love your videos, I have watched almost every video you uploaded since 2016. Your review is soo good, but I think you should do more vlogs and entertainments.

rystermister says:

I only buy the ones with leather inliners

Midfield Boss says:

I like mid-cuts cause they look cool, I know they don’t do anything but idgaf

Victoria Cuenca says:

thx for making this video I got a pair of obras and i got a blister

Champion Thunder says:

Josh can u make a vid about the nike mercurial victory 6 df tf or ic

Random Video says:

where’s the copa mundial gang at?

Zane Okubule says:

Mid cut sqaud

TheSuper Stomper says:


Camden Jackson says:

One pro for mid cuts is no turf pellets

jonaisfun FIFA says:

I just got the women’s superfly 4 radient reveal for $95 Canadian at Nike outlet. I also saw some legends sixes for even less

Andrew says:

Where’s the high cut squad?

Jason Cole says:

Hey josh would you say boots are getting better over time, would you say the left side of your boot wall are the better performers in comparison to the right

Salmon Fish says:

I use the Ace 17.3. Mid cut gang

Ryley Pullar says:

i miss all of the low cut boots, my favourite boots are the vapor 9. I’m looking to find a pair of vapor 10 from a nike outlet.

Victor Van says:

One of the reasons why I love my superflys is because it keeps turf out

Fidel Castro says:

I prefer the low cut variations, I wear the Legend 6 right now

Connor Dees says:

When I tie my hypervenom the cleats middle section folds over and get uncomfortable. Would a second insole help or wgat else could I use?

Hector Bellerín says:

For me mid cut just looks cooler lol

Raf Zero says:

Wheres the Corona beer squad?

nick anguiano says:

Where do you get your laces

DarkSoulz says:

To be Honest i love the mid cut shoes. I personally get ankle injuries often , and usually even tape my ankles back when i was wearing vapors, but now no need for me to tape my ankles as the mid cut shoes already wrap my ankle. Its more of a mental thing thn anything but it just feels more comfortable to me and i feel more secure .


Sick Video !

Andy Aguirre says:

I currently wear the hypervenom phatal 2 df, and I really like the look of the adidas x purespeed. How would they compare performance wise?

Jacob Larsen says:

I’m in the market for shoes and I want the super fly 4 laser orange and have been looking quite a bit for them and cannot find them any sites you recommend?

Arber Jason Lika says:

Hey Josh ; I’ve been watching your videos since I was in primary school and now I finished high school; its great to see how your channel has expanded, keep up the good work. I also wanted to ask if I’m a size 11 Uk in the Nike mercurial vapor 10s and I want to buy some superfly 5s should I go 1/2 a size up?

Manny D. says:

Where’s the eating a$$ squad?

John Soroka says:

You can argue that mid-cut boots also look more intimidating. Although this isn’t true whatsoever, I feel like people who wear mid cut boots are better and more professional than players with regular boots. The collar makes them stand out more.

Ryan Mendoza says:

Josh, I have a pair of Mercurial Vapor XI and I used them and it started raining, the next day I noticed it feels heavier, is it really heavier or is it just me? I also put newspaper inside and dried it with an electric fan

Mr Awsomeness says:

i prefer mid cuts
unlike my other friends i did not get any blisters
i agree that mid cut boots r not everyones cup of tea

Andrew Stewart says:

Can someone help. i wear x 16.1’s and i really want to get the hypervenom 3s in chlorine blue but i do not know if i get the dynamic fit collar because it might hurt even though i like the look of the collar. so what should i get the low cut or collar

TL TV says:

Can you do a reading your comments video

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

I prefer low cut boots always

Andres Lucas says:

i hate those pellets on turf so much

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