Puma evoSpeed 3.4 soccer cleats unboxing ► Soccer shoes & football boots review

Puma evoSpeed 3.4 soccer cleats unboxing ► Soccer shoes & football boots review for anyone buying soccer cleats or looking for the best football boots this tutorial is for you. The puma evoSpeed 3.4 black and yellow are a great pair of cleats and are ranked among the best soccer cleats of 2016. In this video I’ll explained exactly why I selected these soccer shoes or football boots to help you decided if these are the best soccer shoes for you and your specific foot.

I’ve released two other videos on how to pick the proper soccer cleats and what soccer cleats should I get based on my foot type or position, if you’d like to watch those videos here are the links:

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I will do my best to help you find the best soccer shoes for you and give you the best advice when it comes to buying soccer cleats that fit your feet.

If you’ve ever wondered what soccer cleats should I buy the puma evoSpeed may be for you if you can relate to the key points I addressed in my decision making behind buying these soccer cleats and soccer shoes.

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Puma evoSpeed 3.4 soccer cleats unboxing ► Soccer shoes & football boots review
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Puma evoSpeed 3.4 soccer cleats unboxing ► Soccer shoes & football boots review


I am Fran says:

What is the most comfortable boots in your opinion?

Lincoln's Soccer Skills says:

Please subscribe to Lincoln’s Soccer Skills! Help him follow his dreams!

E.D REAL says:

where can i get those . ? the color dont matter

daddy me says:

he should of tried out the puma evopower 1.3 in leather

qin shi says:

why you shouldn’t buy Evospeed 1.4?

M' 12 says:

Pumas trash

Martin Hernandez says:

Plz. Do a play test.

The Best in dc says:

i like pumas

ST ST says:

i just wanted to say thank you man because now after taking look into the e-book and all the message, i have moved on to a academy, where the training is harder and the likely-hood of me getting scouted in UK has got extremely high, I have a longer way to go. Thanks.

arnoldja andrada says:

how much is for that shoes ?

Omar Gonzalez says:

Where did you get the boots?

er 7 says:

nice channel you got here mate!!

Rohit Pal Singh says:

how about ace 16 chrome

J ay says:

can you do a video on improving acceleration please dylan

Anselo Larios says:

i love your content and you helped me become a better player and im from calgary too!!

Everything Football says:

I enjoyed it P.S could you do a heading video?

ProgressiveSoccer says:

What’s up? Hope you enjoyed the video.

If you have any questions about this specific cleat or cleats in general please drop a comment below.
I will do my best to help you make better decisions when it comes to selecting football boots.

Thanks for watching:
Puma evoSpeed 3.4 soccer cleats unboxing – Soccer shoes & football boots review from progressive soccer training

Dylan Tooby
Progressive Soccer

PS – If you like my videos please remember to give me a THUMBS UP (thank you).

Rigoberto Rivera says:

Dylan i have question ama go to my home country to try for pro is it the same to try out for mls or my home country Honduras?? Is there a difference between getting recruited??

Football_Is_Life says:

what are the most comfortable boots that feels like playing without boots…

BRUTUS says:

dude …thanks to you i am a very important Left mid ,. before you i was in defense ,.i just wanna say thank you alot…who knows ill become striker later on? 🙂 thanks man

DaBomb says:


Vilim Perović says:

black color gets the most heat/tempertuar :/

Shuaib Muse says:

Dylan this is not like a joke in anyway but you should become a manager like youve made so many young players so good and for me your like a hero i became so good by watching your vids but you should consider coaching coach become the next big thing you never know until you try am I right?

Tucker Mitchell says:

You should talk about indoor shoes more. there are tons of cleat videos from outdoor players but not many indoor ones. with your playing history, I think it’s a great thing for you to speak about that there aren’t a lot of people talking about.

E.D REAL says:

where you got those boots?

skinnymon123 says:

how come u got such a low quality boot?

Gage Cormier says:

A review, nice!

Rigoberto Rivera says:

Make a video about it

Bob Nubner says:

how much we’re they?

Muhammed Tunkara says:

Hi Dylan how do you take care of a knee injury if you don’t have Medicare

Sneakyrious says:

Dylan please help me. I am so good at football but my parents don’t want to pay for my rep tryout, even though my family is rich. What should I do?

Anders Johansson says:

This is like the 3rd takedown of a last generation model. Why didn’t you at least pick up the evospeed 1.4, they’re still affordable as old puma boots tend to be

JJJ Bros says:

which is the best puma or nike or adidas

Nick Mehta says:

can you do a video on how to gain strength with workouts besides lifting weights cause my mom says im too young to lift weights

arnoldja andrada says:

so they are expensive

Lew I just broke my phone let me win this giveaway says:

It’s really bad leather really bad cleats u know nothing about cleats lol

Gerardo Zavala says:

From day one i tried to fool myself with the looks of the vapors, f50s, magista, superflys and the fancy colors they come with but the reality is that those are not the boots for me, my feet are made for tiempos and after all these i have finally stop experimenting with cooler cleats and started to love them .

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