Was this the best or worst World Cup for football boots? In this video I rate every boot/colorway release for the 2018 World Cup! Feel free to leave your own ratings down in the comments! Which 2018 World Cup release is your favorite?

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Flash Zephyr says:

4:44 neymar roasting the other dudes cleats..

Charles Clark says:

the new balances look kinda cool with the black on the toe box

spartin cobra says:

My F rating is the adidas X they just look bad to me

Ryan Hill says:


Sniper_ Status says:

Who else sees a Nike swoosh in the Mizuno logo?

Nathan Domingos says:

So if the colorways weren’t that great in your opinion, what would you have liked to see, given what’s possible and what brands have done in the past?

Comment Section says:

Could you do a Top 10 .3 boots

Angel Vasquez says:

So we just gonna ignore that the Brazil flag looks like the illuminati eye

Mika Okkonen says:

Can you review Puma future 2.2?

Cubing with a q. says:

Pls like if you think he should do a wish knock-off boots haul I promise I’m not just trying to get likes I think this could be a good video

Damian Samra says:

thought the black grid marks on the new balance boot was part of the colorway lol….

Paul Weafer says:

Would love to see a video with a performance scoring of all these boots

dored hassoun says:

Open more stickers

Om Ganteng says:

Joma champion rate??

Bob the builder says:

Hey Josh when are you uploading what’s in my bag videos?

LLH says:

What s in my bag?

george mihaileanu says:

You used the elbow crack sound affect when you showed the grade

gi2guna says:

Omg I thought that that tekela boot was actually black

Wyatt adams says:

Do you find that the Nike hypervenom phantom 3 elite df give you blisters?

Mohammed Husen says:


Milky Way says:

nice plug for laces

Bryan Torres says:

For the new balance boots I’d make them all red with a black matte soleplate

Hadi Nasra says:

Get glad haha

Gabriel Brandão says:

Hi I am Brazilian

Thomas Brouckmans says:

What happened to E ?

xJoe16 says:

How would you rate the Puma One 1 vs the Vapor Elites as for actually wearing? I had Superfly V’s but preferred my 1/3 price Hypervenom Phelons over.

ijuwan says:

You forget the copa mundial…

Gabriel Lim says:

Ofcourse an old pred gets the best score. Y was that a suprise

I also kennot spell

Sumana Aneesh says:

X18+ A+

Mike Oxlong says:

I don’t understand what adidas is doing with their leather boots…
They just need to work with kroos together on a new boot and replace the copa silo…

Raul M says:

Puma 1.1 IS very good it deserved a b- at least and the future an a-

michał Borowiec says:

Could you do a,, Concave – Force Pack (Halo / Aura )” boots review – specialy compare price to the quality of the boots, thanks:)

Daniel Riofrío says:

Josh, Kompany is using the Predator remake but in a black colorway

RANDOM GREEN Peach says:

Awesome video!!!

Abdullah Fachmi says:

I really missed modern yet propper football boots like nike with ctr 360 (control), t90 (shoot), tiempo (heritage), and mercurial (speed) line up, adidas with f50 (speed), adipure (heritage), and predator (shoot) line up. I mean every shoe had different upper material and elements on the upper that enhanced either control, passing, shooting or plain slim lightweight to enhance sprint and dribbling in high speed.

Football boots these days looks pretty similar one to another, I mean socks-like, knit or thin upper, laceless, etc, you get the point. I think now only mizuno has the proper football boots.

akachold says:

Do you prefer the superfly 6 takedown model or the adidas 18.2 ? Pls answer

Arvyn Anantharajan says:

Why does the nemeziz on the boot wall change at 0:25

Mark Ballantyne says:

It’s coming home

Soren453 says:

Not exactly related but which would you prefer hypervenom phantom Elite low cut or vapor 11 ?

ConQuesoGaming says:

could you do a review of the New Balance RCVRY Recovery Shoe.. trying to tighten the laces but they are sewn on and they become loose, and it is near impossible to tighten them again.

Ismail Demirel says:

Does anyone know what shoe umtiti wear ? Because they’re ” tall ” or ” upper ” don’t know how we say that actually xD, but yeah because as a defender I wanna wear the tiempos but still..why didn’t they realized a version much taller like the hypervenom !? x(

First Last says:

Where is the new before they were famous vid?

star trek on parempi kuin star wars says:

What is that shirt its cool

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