I get messages everyday from counterfeit football boot websites looking for free promotion on my channel. For years I’ve been telling them no, but for the last couple of months, I started telling them yes, and having them send me their “highest quality” boots to “review”! So, and only because I promised, here are my reviews of 6 hilariously bad, fake football boots! Want more of this series? Let me know in the comments!

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BalBoi says:

I thought the messy boot was a 17.3 but then I saw the um… “360 agilty weave” branding

Braulio Guido says:

where are the Mike boots made?

Trevor Anderson says:

That wolf on the obra looks pretty cool though

Kevin Steven Fonseca says:

Cmon everyone remembers the EC17 pack, who can ever forget the house stark obras?

Sofia Tiger says:

Can you make a Xmas video about what football(soccer) Christmas gifts should we get?

임준건 says:

Could you review the new nike tiempo

liquidgold says:

What’s the song at 1:50

Gaby Costa says:

Oh sorry just because you have money

Jose Fuentes says:

Illegal cropy the greastest

Scott W says:

Can you do fake jerseys? Would be interesting to see if they are actually bad

gaston mattyas says:

and the play test? :v

Billiam says:

I love my SWAMP

Billiam says:

New BALANCE furon 2.0 pro or under armour spotlight 1

yea boi says:

“this is gonna be fun” thats actually funny jacob

jerry says:

That music rocks

Yeoman Hernandez Vieyra says:

You mean cleats not boots

freemasonic101 says:

Hey Josh, do a test with the fake boots and see how long they last. Without injuring yourself cause they do look filmsy

brazzy BrIaN says:

I know this isnt related but i just found some Adidas Purecontrol 17+ ocean storm at a adidas outlet event in LA for just $35 there were a lot of x boots too from the top tier to the takedowns

Democratic Republic of Chük says:

Josh turning into Virgil Abloh with all these quotation marks.

BalBoi says:

I wonder what ec17 means…

Aidan H says:

7:06 Messy?

the dragon says:

Hi Josh!Should I buy Nike Vapor X CR7 or Mercurial Superfly 6?

Paul Ramirez says:

dammit Jeff you got me with the Messis lol

Oliver Goldstein says:

Where is the Joma Champion Max or whatever it is called?

Adam Mcginty says:

Hey can you do an episode on the best fake or replica boots you can find

Max Liu says:


Isaias says:

Do another video where you test these boots out

Stephen Cooper says:

I love that someone from these companies sent out a speculative Email and actually got a reply from one of the biggest football boot YouTubers on the planet. Their manager congratulated them, maybe even a team bonus or meal out after work on a Friday. Finally some exposure, our company is really going to take off… lmao I hope you’re watching this video you fucking leech.

Galaxy Universe says:

Could you do a review on Mane’s new soccer cleats?

kevin rico ruiz says:

Try them out

Dorian Avila says:

Mr Josh do you know anyway that someone could buy old superfluous models that are authentic? Like a website or something ?

Freddie Nickalls says:

Can u review some more Adidas rugby boots. I think the most suitable ones for football would be the predator line of rugby boots

Noelle Francisco says:

That Pure Stealth looks more like PURE SHIT.

Homero trevino says:

the date is the same date as the red tf accelerators that came out

Sultan Mila says:

Can u do more pls it’s interesting

OGwingman 9 says:

Me: I mean it isn’t that bad
Josh: the KANGAROO LEATHER is ALL wrong and the rubber is too HARD

Daragh McCarney says:

Could you review the fake 2002 manias if you were to get them in ?

Sudipa Chakravarty says:

like for “made in Germany”.

sgr_skll says:

that was fun, thanks!!

Miguel Sanchez says:

Fake rocks dude hahahahhahah no just kidding hahahah sweet video

Jeferson Sanchez Davila says:

Fake or not fake, I’ll show everyone what I can do with fake or real football cleats…

I just need comfortable cleats to play the beautiful game.

Mahter Frex says:

That actually looks better than any other nike boots

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