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Crazy_Penguin 5 says:

I’m I pressed tbh I never knew they had good shin guards and socks like that

nicolas castro says:

do target

bossaroooo says:

Josh can you PLEASE wear them in a match and record yourself? Woulda been the funniest thing ever

Keith S says:

When is the select ball lineup coming

Plop Lop says:

Those socks make you look like the witch in the wizard of oz

Marcos Flores says:

Love these types of videos Josh! I feel like you wouldn’t have made a video like this a year ago, and we love these more informal vids!

Gianluigi Mariano says:

Those Mitre socks are low key hard as fuck

The OMEGA says:

You can expect to see all this stuff in May’s “What’s in my soccer bag” episode


Josh I bought the color changing laces from your website today can’t wait till they arrive!

Henry Vincent says:

hey josh would you do a video on premier league/whatever league you follow table predictions

Quinn Pierson says:

Would you say the diadora gamma carbinio shin guards are still one of the best shin guards

Ronnie O says:

I enjoyed this, but I think you did not give the cheap balls a fair look… hard to gauge them without kicking them around right?

Abdullah Naseem says:


Gabriel Perez says:

What were the ultra boost you were wearing called?

Ino Villacastin says:

Can you tell me if the Umbro Extremis 3 FG is also a good boot? I saw it in a mall here in the Philippines for cheap and I new boots lol. Would really appreciate your opinion thank you!

Also #BoostIsLife lol

John Givens says:

Play test sounds sweet

Koni says:

Make the other video that you’re testing them. It should be good.

Ruslan Aiman says:

Burlington Coat Factory perhaps?

Football Freak says:

That was a sick video. Please do more, loving ur content.

Ian Arnold says:

Do a $50 kit bag VS $300 dollar kit bag with the walmart stuff VS your normal stuff

Michael Alexander says:

I thought this dude was American lol , Canada?

Caden Hendrickson says:

the green and blue brazuca-like wilson ball is the one you should have bought. idk how but it actually is good quality

Kevin V. says:

i didnt skip the pizza ad because the girl was cute

Marcos Arreguin says:

Hey Josh, did you get recognized by anyone when you went to Walmart?

William Ghazal says:

Hey Josh, can you make a video actually playing and testing the balls,shinguards, boots and socks??

Itachi Uchiha says:

You’re a brave brave man

Chris Balbuena says:

i got that mitre ball today

nadjib lammamri says:

best one is the green ball

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