Sizing and Soccer Shoes – Question of the Week

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Mueez Mirza says:

Hey josh!
I have wide feet and I do have to struggle a little to fit into my regular or any shoe.
So the problem is, there’s a little room left near my fingers
How do I fill in that gap?

Alex Wiskar says:

I wear a size 12, I have a good amount of room but I keep getting blisters under my toe what size should I change to stop this. I was also thinking what is a good boot for flat feet I’m thinking of going to a 11 pro but if I know any better boots I could try them. At the moment I wear a nike mercurial but they have no support would love to hear your opinion.

Francisco Antonio says:

Thanks for your videos man. You helped me decide on the cleats I just bought and the ones I will get next. Cheers from L.A

Jesus Nicolas says:

for a tight shoe like the mercurial superfly or vapor what regular shoes can you try on before buying these type of cleats

JordanMoore BMX says:

does size matter with super flys

Rodrigo Juárez says:

Hi Josh, I have a problem, my right foot is about .2 inches or 5 milimeters bigger than my left one, so in the hypervenom phantom 2 in size 9 US my right foot fits perfectly, but I feel mi left foot slightly loose, and with more space than the right one. What should I do? Please help me!

Thomas Jeppesen says:

Am i the only one who when my feet go right out to the end, it hurts my toes, escpecially my big toe? I have always preferred a little space in the toebox

Tunds says:

I was wondering is it okay to use heel liners for football boots?

Aravind T says:

Hello Josh I have bought Ace 15.2’s and they perfectly fit in terms of the length but my feet are a bit wide. If i take the next size ones the length becomes big and the width becomes perfect. I am confused, what do i do?

Alexander Aarseth says:

does magista strech???

turska OGtuxi says:

Does Mercurial Victory VI AG-PRO strech ?

derp1 says:

thanks for this. a quick follow up – do the same fitting rules apply to different terrain? ie carpet, astro, indoor, artificial grass?

the type of leather/material used for the adidas predator absolado instinct TF shoes? I am looking to get a pair, how should they fit?

og johnson says:

are mercurial superfly shoes are for wide feet or thin feet

woodyfly says:

what does it mean if the length of the shoe is fine (toe is at the end of the shoe with minimal space) but the toebox feels tight? Do I have to go a size up or should I stay with that size but find a different model?

Kevin Royce Lao says:

What do you think about the shoes with “Rio” studs from nike?

Alexander Aarseth says:

Does magista obra strech??

Guadalupe Luna says:

If I’m 9.5 (U.S. size) what will I be in nike magista cleats? Please reply

Chris Arias says:

Will the sole plate have any effect on wider feet?

Aaron Lopez says:

Hey I have Nike Hypervenom in size 6 and a friend who has nike Magistas in 6.5. There is about a one inch gap between my cleats and my feet, but i put on his cleats and they fit perfect. Could it be where we got them from or is it just like a factory mistake. Please help me out.

Nick17 says:

This video definitely helped me out, But why do you wear 9.5 in tiempo legend 6s and magista opus?

Malachi Ifill says:

Hi josh I have a width of a thumb space in the hypervenom phantom 2. Will they break?

sauroF sauro says:

my feet are 9 and a half inches and I got Messi f50 in 9 and a half but their is still space in the toe box what did I do wrong

Tung Nguyen says:

Hi Josh. Have you ever got black toe nail from wearing snug fit football boots like that? My snug fit size is US8.5 but i always have that problem. however when i move up to size us 9, i have scratches in my toe. so what size should i stick with?

sam mercer says:

Hi Josh

I just bought magista obra’s but there tight which is good but my big toe hurts , is that just because they’re new or too small?

Anthony Salgado says:

Josh I’ve wore a magista opus and a hypervenom phantom which other shoe do you recommend

NolwFreak Sayle says:


Vince Ho says:

is there any speed boot for wide feet?

Michele Figura says:

What size are you in normal shoes?

Rodrigo Juárez says:

I recently bought the hypervenom phantom 2 in size 9 US and there is about 1/2 inch of space between my toes and the cleat, is that too much? Because going half size down, to 8.5, I felt like the upper was too tight. So did I made a good decision? Because I have a few days left to return them. Please respond

soccer gamer says:

Um dude i got the nike mercurial victory fg cleats and theyre my size but for me the problem is that when i put on my cleats even though theyre my size i feel uncomfterable and i had them since october 2014. Is it because i dont wear them a lot or that the bottkm part of my cleats a way to small

dankPerry says:

what if my feet have differing lengths? what would you suggest? Thank you!

booohoooish says:

Josh, when your foot is right at the end of the shoe with no space, when you are making quick cuts and stops, say in a situation where an opponent is tight on you and you are trying to beat him, doesn’t your foot hurt?

ryan curfman says:

I often deal with blisters on the inside bottom of my big toes (widest part of my foot). This is due to the width of the sole plate (last?), regardless of the upper. Leather boots that stretch but still have a narrow sole plate have caused problems for me. I appreciate both a lightweight barefoot feel as well as a more padded sensation, so my preference isn’t as important as the correct fit to me. Looks like the Hypervenom Phantom 1 may be my best bet. Any other suggestions as far as a wider toe box last?

Adrien Avellan says:

Hy there Josh, love the videos! I was wondering if your comments on modern leathers not stretching as much in length as a copa mundial applied to the Nike Premier. I wear a US street size of 12, got 11.5 copas that are now almost too stretched out now after a couple games and just received Premiers at size 12.5. They fit SUPER tight in length and was hoping it would stretch in the way of the mundial , but then I came across this video 🙂

Anthony Ortega says:

Hey what do you think of the adidas Men’s F5 FG Low Soccer Cleats. There really cheap and im worried that there trash

abiral kafle says:

howmugh gap should be there at the fingers

Ali Murad says:

Are indoor and outdoor boot sizes the same

Jahir Betancourth says:

Good vid

Akshay Mahajan says:

my right feet is exact 6 inch n left is i think 6.4 inch
so when i had used hypervenom on 7 size i had faced hard tym in adjusting the tightless casued in my left foot for almost 4 months
later the stud had lossened up and it gave me less problems
now i have purchased 7.5 size in mercurial
it is being lose to me like i can place a finger btw my toe n top of stud
i hope u got me
should i exchange it with 7 size or is 7.5 okay for it
my foot size is exact 6 and when i had used nike hypervenom phelon of 7 it gave me a bit pressure as there was almost 1 mm space on my left thing
now i have choosen nike mercurial veloce of 7.5 i am feeling as there is space of 1 finger between d 1st toe and main stud toe
please help me
please help appreciated
Note – my left feet is almost 3 to 4 mm bigger then my right feet so it makes my 7.5 size for right stud a bit lose then 7

zrzzt says:

I have the veloce 2 at home in US 12,5 and 13 and I can’t decide which one to keep. The smaller one fits perfectly tight, specially in the front part. The top toe is the problem where I get to much pressure, 2mm more space und it would be great. With the bigger ones there is so much room, they are just not as tight as the smaller ones. And they feel wider, I have to lace them very carefully.
With Adidas it’s the same, us13 is to big, us12,5 concisely fits most of the time. And the most of my US13 boots I don’t use, because the feel not tight enough on the field (but did so at try on)

CJ rider says:

every time I buy tight fit cleats the skin on my toes peal off. tf am I the only one with this problem?

JD Photography says:

I feel like such an idiot, I bought a pair of nike premiers a few months back for my spring season but they felt too tight, luckily i hadn’t worn them outside yet so i took them back in and traded for a pair of nike tiempo genio II’s and they felt much better, but after watching this i realize that there is way too much space in the toe box (at least 1/2 an inch) looks like I’ll be making another embarrassing trip back to the soccer store lol (fingers crossed it’s a different worker)

Darren Yu says:

I feel sharp pain in the sole/mid foot after like 20min into the game with a lot of intense running. Is this because the shoes are too narrow?

M. D. JR says:

im planning to get nike hypervenom phinish boots, i tried a 12us which was perfect in length for both feet but since my right foot is abit bigger (2-3mm) there was a bit of pain on my right big toe because of the stiff upper. Will the upper soften up and hurt less after the break in time? or should i consider going a half size up.
(note: aus shops only stock nike boots in 12us and 13us no 12.5us to try on in store)

Elie Zafoe says:

Josh, I have ace 15.1 and they have a little space in the toebox region but they fit perfectly in the heel and the forefoot. Should i wear my soccer socks with an other but finer socks

JordanMoore BMX says:


Amy Mensch says:

My ten year old has his mother’s feet 4A. Can you suggest some mid cost (its Rec soccer) range boots. We have literally tried on 100 boots in the last 2 days. Thanks

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