It’s the player not the boots, at least that’s what everyone says. But, is there a point where the cleats are so bad that it negatively impact your performance? That’s why I’m testing $13 soccer cleats that I bought from Walmart to see how they compare to the $300 football boots that everyone wants! Would you wear Walmart boots?

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The Other Chan says:

Bro you didn’t forget!!!

Brian Machado says:

Hey Josh just wanted to know if you play Any Sunday League and if you do I think everyone would love to see it

Desirousname287 says:

Play in a real game and record it

Jorge Amparan says:

how good are these walmart cleats compared to take down models from major brands

Matthew Jones says:

i’m still praying for the day Josh reviews some Sondico boots

Adiyan Rahman says:

The bottom looks like a nike vortex fg kids bottom

Eric Margadonna says:

Would you rather wear these or superfly without laces?

Mr21Sinister says:

Hey josh can you do another what’s in my soccer bag. But this time for upcoming summer ball

Samm says:

Still better than Joma champions

Lucas Gomes says:

Test some cleats from Penalty brand. They’re a big brazillian brand in south america, test the Penalty locker to be more precise.

Charles Appa says:

When are you making your jersey collection?

Yewan Milligan says:

Yow if you would be a pro footballer no one would know messi the point is your very good

Victor Lezama says:

Hey josh I was looking to buy some crew length socks kind of like the ones you’re wearing in the video. Nothing too expensive. Any recommendations?

Rishabh Singh says:

Are they close to takedowns?

Ryan Tang says:

This boot or the Visaro 2.0?

Osama Harb says:

Can you actually make a soccer cleat for 13$ better than these?

Connor Z says:

Lol, josh maybe replace arm day with leg day!

MatisBGaming says:

Some say you need to have expensive boots. I say you “just” need to be Josh.

Francisco soto davila says:

joosh you should test out those skechers soccer cleats

Henrik E says:

Hi Josh
Csn you make a video talking about how players like Hamsik, Insigne and Dybala is wearing their socks. They are not wearing them in the traditional way..

Joe Hernandez says:

Walmart will notice an increase demand for theses things lol

Braxton Tourney says:

You are like the F2

kev says:

I’m gonna wait for the AWX-100’s

Speedeo 222 says:

Comment 222

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