Testing out FAKE DHgate Ace 16+ Soccer Cleats

Hey everyone, it is finally time for the long awaited fake Ace 17+ from dhgate test video! These took a while to come but it was worth it.. Thanks for watching!


PL Highlights says:

2:25 song???

Xx STEFAN xX says:

Those are real

csakamon took says:

Do more fake cleats, now use the website ioffer the cleats look real but it’s fake

Luis Robledo says:

What is the difference between real and fake?

Andres Ponce says:

great cleats

Smi ley says:

Btec quadeca

Ross Smillie says:

No wonder it took so long the we Chinese kids had to row there

Chisomo Banda says:

You live in Amherst

Victor Nordlund says:

They look Dope tho

Marcus 0113 says:

Yo, you just bought a lawn mower (2:47)

PL Highlights says:

Who thought you were watching an add in 2 seconds in

Joel Bollinger says:

Ya I got the Neymar Jordan’s and they took over a month to ship.

nolvia Espino says:

i love this vid

Qazi Laik 13 says:

can u provide a direct link to buy it

Tete :V says:

What is the name of the song?

McKenzie_haughton 7 says:

Go on Ioffer

Exing - Gaming says:

nice t-shirt

Enjoy or Destroy says:

You do look like a frog

Wenan Gao says:

Amherst student?

J.Y.L7 Jason says:

How can you say no offence (spelled no effence) then say he looks like a frog

Christiano Jackson says:

Boi, dem fake ass cleats behind him in the intro.

Itsmastar says:

Wear in game

Austin_ Vlogs says:

Add a public comment

Jack Brown says:

He’s not that good at football

rachelkramersupport says:

I order something from DHgate… Please can someone Tell me if Its a scam or not? Some people told me it was a scam But on other sites I trad that They received their packages…. Please can someone Tell me

ϟ Verisid says:

Not bad boots…

Ali Yassin says:

I want to buy it !!
How much you money you want?

lastofmykind8 says:

3x as much? Bro they’re double what the fake superflys cost, not triple.

Ibraheem Hussain says:

So cringey what’s wrong with you

jtwaffles33 says:

they dont seem that bad

Deleon Gaming says:


Keely Coyne says:

Are u wearing makeup

Ainslie Fletcher says:

I have the nemiziz 360 laceless boots

Mario Cux says:

You should be a in the wembley cup

Larry Pereira says:

Dhgate is a scam for USA

Oscar Diez Gomez says:

That isn’t fake

Rosario Baez says:

Do spothpy next

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