These might be the weirdest, and to some the dumbest football boots of all-time! The Serafino 4th Edge is the first and only cleats to feature a reinforced toe area that not only allows for great toe poking, but allows you to kick the ball with your toe as hard as you’d like with not pain at all! Are they any good or just a big gimmick? Let’s find out! Would you wear these?

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Juan Ramon says:

who ever made those is smart the other team will be to busy laughing at your boot that they wont be able to focus on the game giving you an advantage

Sean Crowley says:

If I had to pick a position they are best for I’d say there best for goalkeepers for kicking out the ball

Adrian Aguilar says:

We miss the what’s in my bag series, I would love to see those videos come back

Penpal123456 PS4 says:

I hav my practices there

Elitesoccer reviews says:

What a video josh good job and are they any good for soccer

King Jumanji says:

Your toe punts are clean

WolfTV says:

These are the ugliest looking shoes that I’ve ever seen 13:11

Szidonia Zsigmond Baticzky says:

En pointe shoes, football version

Jake DaSilva says:

Is that players paradise where u were playing??

dave. says:

Adidas predator play test maybe Josh? Great video by the way as always❤

King of Tekkerz says:

Looks weird but performs well

Joshua Ibarra says:

Better than the joma champion max

Benyamin Hozhabr says:

which normal football boots are similar to these weird boots? i mean any boots suitable to shoot with toe

Suryaveer Mehta says:

Imagine the midcut laceless 4th edge…..Josh would go mad

Ryan's Adventure & Info says:

Wonder if they have a Turf variation?

casemiro 14 says:

Wait..Do they come with the string bag?

Ayudh Nagaraj says:

They look like a wild boar’s face

RBLX_ VietnameseGaming says:

Wow, the Jabulani ball is there!! 0:31 to see it!

DSCG Productions says:

I’m gonna get this for my friend that kicks with his toe

David P says:

only if your a GK

Big Choppa says:

Josh which shoe is more durable the adidas x 16.1 of the messi 16.1?

mayrln says:

damn they have a north korean flag there

Tayfun Merdin says:

Where is the turkish flag ?

Ajman Krupic says:

Hey Josh. I want a new pair of the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite. I wore my x16+ Purechaos in 43 1/3 EU and theyre a bit to small. Would the Tiempo fit me in size 44?

Football Review UK says:

These have been out a while haven’t they Josh? I’m from the UK and remember former players like Glenn Hoddle endorsing these monstrosities! I’m into football boots myself and I can’t believe these were even made in the first place, never mind how they managed to get former professionals to endorse them!

Props to you for actually finding 4 pros about these boots. I would love to know how many of these have actually been sold!

m t . s e f u r i says:

you see players like ronaldo and messi. why couldnt serafino get one well known player? its like the best boots in the world

m t . s e f u r i says:

i see a north korean flag lol

Hudson Pant says:

I saw a north Korean flag in the back ground

Nathan Hart says:

Is this at players paradise?

Big_Cas_Howles says:

They aren’t football boots/soccer cleats, they’re for futsal, it’s basically footballs stupid cousin, but it’s still a thing

Chris Andrade says:

It hurts to watch, they are hideous

Abraham Oshodi says:

Which is better, clutchfit 3.0 or Superfly 6 pro

AG22 says:

Should i cop these?

hi hi says:

So you found a one place to make play test

AsdasPro7 says:

hilarious watching you test these shoes

Iñaki Etxepare says:

their perfect for 5 6 and 7 year old me

orang- utang films says:

The pitch is made of green zebras

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