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There are so many options for boots at the $80 price point, and the Nike Phantom Vision Academy is the latest and greatest! But are they actually any better than everything else, or just more of the same? I go over all of the details on this new model in the Raised On Concrete pack colorway and talk about how they compare to more expensive Elite and Pro variations. Will these be your next boots?

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V trix says:

I got them

Sven Molinnus says:

Is the shoe good for wide foot?

Oualid Nadi says:

Josh. Whish best boots for narrow feet vapor academy or superfly academy or x18.3 or phantom academy ???

TheHomelesUnicorn says:

I got the pro ones

madoinfinity says:

best turf shoes under 100, my foot is narrower than average, thankyou

Keagan Foo says:

can the nemeziz 17.3 compare to the nike phantom vision academy

Sebastian Rivera says:

does these shoes fit true to size?

madhav dacha says:

Does the gap on the inside foot affect game performance

Cian Galvin says:

I need new football boots for this season but im size 14 uk and i play in division 1 sunday league so i cant be wearing any sondico boots. Is there any football boots that sell size 14 or any that i can stretch out because i cant find any except nike legend but they are always to tight fitted?

Wisnu 01 says:

Like a Adidas X series

samay dixit says:

Do reviews for club models for nike boots

ok says:

These or Copa mundial or adidas kaiser

F R A N K says:

Would these fit a wide foot?

PheonixLynx says:

The sock just ruins the otherwise stellar look…

Baran Dersu says:

Should I get these in red

David Schilling says:

Are the laces prone to breaking at all? Because if they break then these cleats are pretty much useless.

Sanjit Ravichandran says:

My size is UK 8 for this pair should I get a US 8.5 OR 9

Ritesh nayak says:

I am thinking to buy these should i

anastasios georgiou says:

i am thinking of buying them and cutting the colar

マレーさん says:

So academy versión are take down models?

TyZeR says:

Synthetique ?

Matty says:

What’s happening at 13:15 haha

Felipe Oliveira says:

Thank you Josh! I love this video
Go buy!

andre sarras says:

Is it better than the adidas nemesiz 18.3?

Asher Q says:

I personally think these boots look really, really good. This particular colorway me a lot of the off-white collection of Nike sneakers. It’s like wearing a piece of modern art on your feet.

Und3ad says:

saw these in a store yesterday and i thought nthey were pretty decent ngl

alex Pamei says:

nike take down models are very good unlike addidas….

Zohaib Asif says:

Jared, make another football memes compilation

Aditya Siddhart says:

Hypervenom academy or superfly academy pls help I cannot choose, also How’s adidas x 17.2 in comparison to them

Christian Flores says:

This nigga stole my shoes

Γιώργος says:

What about the club df version.

Dillian Dsouza says:

Where have you been ?

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