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Typically when a major brand put out a top-end football boot, they have at least 1 Pro player wear them in an attempt to drive sales. That is not the case for the Adidas Copa 18.1, which is arguably the best kept secret in football boots at the moment! In the 2018 World Cup Energy Mode pack colorway, not only are these bright, they’re amazing quality! For those that were fans of the older Leather F50 adizeros that are no longer available, look no further! Would you give the Copa 18.1 a chance?

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Fuad Martial says:

I swear its heavy, others is great

Football Dreamer says:

There is a player from Iran wearing them…

Nick Loken says:

So there a shittier evotouch

LNStudios says:

These in the cold blooded pack were actually fresh, black with red and white accents. Underrated boot and in that color way you can’t go wrong

An Vu says:

String bag made out of leather would be lethal

Tommy says:

It’s because of the stupid tongue thing

Julia Doxey says:

would you recommend the Tiempo legend 5 the Tiempo legend 6 or the Nike Premier?

Devin Figueroa says:

Only criticism is that I get a lot of heel slippage! Doesn’t give a lot of lock down

johnshadow8 says:

it is said that adidas will put Toni Kroos as Copa 19 head face… let’s see…

Carlos Mauricio Novella says:

Hey Josh this is the first time I hear you say you are a size 9.5 US. Did you just realize this is your actual size? Or are you preferring to wear shoes that aren’t as snug?

javaldemar4 says:

Do they not worry about over stretch with these unstitched upper?

Marco Manzanares says:

are gloros the same thing ?

Methwurst says:

Wasn’t Kompany wearing Copas or is he just in FIFA18?

vijju k says:

I have V shaped feet – so even the wide fitting shoes don’t always feel comfortable and snug. If my toes feel comfortable, the heel moves too much. I have had these boots, these are super super comfortable and the stud pattern is great. The only thing that bothered me was the stitch on the striking area. It was pressing against my big toe exactly on toe and ankle joint. It bothered me so much that I eventually returned the boots and got tiempo legend7. I am not happy with the way tiempos fit me 🙁 . The width is good but the sole plate is narrow. Also, the shape of the tiempo’s toe box pushes my big toe inwards. I might even return the tiempos and get the copas.

Johnjoe Burke says:

I love the Copa 18

Baasit Ahmed says:

Love your intro/jokes

Aaron Hackett says:

Like the replacement laces in this one.

Vicente Avendaño says:

anyone else sees the boot change color when hovering the mouse on the video?

GG X says:

String bag…that’s exactly why I copped tiempo legend vii instead of Copa 18.1

Marcus Fitch says:

In my opinion the Adidas energy pack is one of the ugliest color ways out there. Only the X18s look descent.

James Davidson says:

vincent kompany is wearnig em

Bukhori Santoso says:

I dont know why Adidas/Nike/Puma doesnt release the brand new boots generation for world cup just like 2014. I think this time is so perfect to do it. Adidas only released Adidas X and Nike only release new mercurial generation.

Miguel Sanchez says:

Do a play test with this copa dude

Running Boots says:

The photo looked like if you were holding an x 16.1 leather to me, anyone who thought the same?

Zohra Ghossen says:

The tongue can be folded

kenneth toh says:

mizuno Neo morealia ii MIJ or COPA 18.1 JOSH?

SW 4 says:

Hi Josh I was wondering whether I should get AG or FG shoes for the new season. I ussualy train on AG surface 2 times a week and the matches are sometimes on AG and sometimes on FG. And I would like to have 1 pair of shoes so what would you recommend?

King Cosmoz says:

Josh has a string bag fetish apparently

Un youtuber cualquiera says:

MIJ Mizuno Rebula II V1 vs Nike tiempo vs Adidas copa and, if i can, Puma One with K leather. Which o e is best offer Price/Quality?

David Deharcomedy says:

11 uk size

yellowtoes 360 says:

String bag = sales

Games4Pran says:

Hey josh i have a pair of footbal shoes, but the soleplate is extremly stiff qny tips? Thanks

Raul M says:

Josh I saw a player from Saudi Arabia wearing g the. Against Russia in the Skystalker color way. We will have to watch tomorrow for him

Husain Alabdullah says:

Please review the x tango 18+

Giovanny Varela says:

How is the sizing compared to the nemeziz 17+? I like a snug fit in my boots. They look like they run long.

Chaotic Cobra says:

Josh, in terms of a light weight and traditional low-cut leather boot, would you recommend Nike tiempos or mizuno rebula’s

Dom Lagesse says:

Copa 18 vs Mizuno Rebula 2 V1? what is better ?

Antonio Tripodi says:

Not durable at all

Joolz1982 says:

Djembele for Belgium usually wears them I think but yes few and far between

dubs31 says:

Just ordered a nite crawler pack Copa 18.1 for $98 and I’m excited to try them out. Thanks for the review, Vujo!

Tsalis Abida Nurdin says:


Evan McCarthy says:

Hey Josh, would you recommend the mizuno rebula v2 md?

Diego Tejeda says:

Hey do you ever do giveaways

Fernando Barnett says:

hey josh a Saudi Arabian player uses those but I think it is the relese color way or sum like that

Pranjal Tyagi says:

Better looking than predator 18

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