I always get asked about which boots are best suited for wide feet, but what if your feet are more narrow? Which football boots are best suited for narrow feet? In today’s video I share my picks for the best football boots currently available in 2019, for people with slimmer feet. Please not that these aren’t the only boots that you should consider or the only ones that will fit you properly if you do have narrow feet, but based on having tried them all, these are the ones that I find to have the tightest fit in regards to overall width.

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Garrett DeAngelis says:

The video I’ve been waiting for since I subscribed! I knew this day would finally come!!


For wide feet bro❓❓❓


Wide feet ????

Cailen Dee sheldon says:


sidharth sundar says:

Do review for kids boots to

CrazyPOCO LOCO says:

I’m so glad I have narrow feet because i love speed boots

Anonymous ILI says:

19.1 for narrow feet????U crazy??? I’ve got them and I’ve got very wide feet.

Benji Woodard says:

It took u a while

pathumphrey says:

do a wide feet one plz

vip gamer 7 says:

Make a wide feet one but syenthic


Can u review the adidas x18+ because I thinking of getting them

NaDeZ Chaos says:

I have narrow fear and the Nike mercurial line and the Adidas nemeziz are the best in my opinion.. why didn’t you mention the nemeziz?

Cailen Dee sheldon says:

Do a video for wide feet

Lifetime W says:

Can you do a video about differences between puma 2.1 and 19.1

I think it would be a cool series where you compare new boots with their last generation or what they replaced

Jordan Barclay says:

Thank you I’ve been waiting for this video

Benjamin Bialy says:

Hey Jerald can you tell me what the difference between the Puma Future 2.1 and the Puma Future 19.1

nbees says:


FaiiTh Scooby says:

Make a wide

X-Ray Tech says:

Best boots for wider feet?

Bars3nal Soup says:

The perfect video for me. I used to have shoes that are really wide for me but too small in length
So my parents said you still have som space

Ezra Holwerda says:

Could you use SG boots with short studs for FG or AG pitches?

G0diegO7 says:

this video was posted on my birthday

Angel Anguiano says:

You should make a video about the best 2019 kids soccer cleats.

Soccer videos , Vlogs and loads more tekkers says:

Do a wide version

amcrunchwrap says:

Hey josh quick question, so i have a pair of nike mercurial vapor 11 size 11.5 and i bought a pair of superfly 6 in the same size however the superfly fit my bigger than expected i thought it would fit just like the vapors but why do you think that the vapor fit me well but the superfly didnt?

Aziz hah says:

i have wide feet but i still wear vapor 360. haha. foot cramping at 1st and 2nd wear but now it feels really nice

Justin Paulose says:

What about ppl with wide feet

Ben Abbas says:

Could you please do wide feet next?

Marco herrera says:

I have the Predators 18.4 and it fits comfortable with my narrow feet.Im now saving up money to buy the 18.1 .One of the old colorway which they cost less.

Thats what she said says:

Can you try and do a retro video on the nike mercurial vapor ii R9 Gold edition

an yang says:

how about the X18.1?

William Nett says:

You know I watch your videos a lot and comment a lot. But I totally disagree with this video. Lol having sized all of these boots for people many times. All these boots are not narrow. Mecurial was completely changed to be wider. Way wider. The academy is the best for those with 2E feet. Literally sized one the other day. The vapor elite isn’t narrow. A long time customer who used to wear the old vapor the white and pink one, said even that one was wider than older models and color ways. And this new mecurial is super wide. He had a quarter inch of space on the medial side of his foot with the length hitting his big toe. That’s wide! But the new venom I agree it’s Nike’s answer to screwing up the mecurial line. Now adidas… Definitely not the predator… Looking just at the cut it’s a high volume shoe, comes up higher, and therefore more space. Take a paper and just trace the foot bed of each adidas and measure. It’s wider/pretty normal width. The copa 19.1 is narrower than The 19+ but isn’t narrow enough. The footbed comes out more than other cleats. I’ve seen the nemeziz line do much better for narrow feet. Even the x is to much room for those who use to wear the old vapor. Puma and all the other brands I don’t care, because they don’t sell or have a true market value here in California. Still love you bro, but gotta say what i think haha narrow feet – venom and adidas nemeziz. Or save some money and get the old old vapor. Early colors of the 11

durationy lin says:

Josh can you do one for the wide feet, my feet is wide and it would help if you can do it! Thank you!

Aussie Gooner says:

Can you please do a video on the best boots for wide feet

Claudio Perez says:

Josh, why dont you try to review Pirma cleats? It is a mexican brand and it is mostly un-expensive.

Art S says:

NB Furon is great for narrow feet

Jp Batista says:

Hey Josh, why is it that with Adidas Predator I wear size 9US and with Nike Mercurials they don’t fit me in the same size? (I gotta use 10US).

killercobra107 says:


Hugo Porras says:

Please make one about wide feet! I have really wide feet and even tiempos are too narrow. For me the problem is the sole not the upper.

Ryan Butler says:

Really suprised the X 18.1 wasnt mentioned. I have narrow feet, always a challenge to find a slim enough boot. I used to wear f50s which fit pretty good. When Adidas did away with the f50 I went with Vapors, which also fit pretty good. I just bought a pair of X 18.1’s and I have to say that Ive NEVER worn a boot that fits my narrow feet so well.

Andre Dod says:

Is the Nike Greenspeed a good Option for narrow feet?

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