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What are the best football boots for wide feet? This is a question that so many people ask me every single day, so I figured I would cover each brand and which boots that they make that are best suited for wide feet.

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Meherun nesa Rani says:

I have wide feet.
Thanks Josh

Sorry Joma

Nazar Mashraqi says:

Funny thing is, Nemeziz are actually wider than the Predator. I noticed that while trying to sell wide Adidas shoes.

Dimas Apriliawan says:

which is better, mercurial vapor 11 or magista 2 opus

Slav says:

Do narow feet!

SemiDS The Gamer says:

Umbro is my boy

Han Htoo Bala says:

1:56 Anyone else notice the Copa at top left corner shift to the side a bit??

*Plays X-Files song*

Kazoo182 says:

In my opinion nowadays people, especially my younger team mates underestimate leather boots. The comfort and closer feeling while touching the ball is unbeatable at an amateur/semi-pro level … Further a great thank your for your insights Josh. Really informative videos!

Dylan Braley says:

I’m a defender should I get the UA magnetico pro or Puma one 1. If you have any other options just tell me.

Running Ryan says:

Thanks, Jabulani!! I have wide feet.

Qstick333 says:

I wear a 14 ee US and am pretty limited in options. I ordered copas and was surprised at how many places my foot hangs off the sole plate. Is this a big deal? They feel sturdy enough. Does the toe box stretch in width and length or just width? It’s a bit snug across it but I haven’t tried to break them in yet.


Graham S says:

Would you say the same boots would be better for people with high arches or if not what would you reccomend

Magnus says:

The Puma futures and adidas pred 18.1’s were both 2 tight for me. I went half a size up (eu), took the laces off and they were still so tight that my feet felt like being put through a meatgrinder. I guess the tiempos or copa mundials are my only options really? Edit: forgot to say that the widest part of my feet is the outside mid part of my foot, right where the ancle ends.

Mr Awsomeness says:

U mean Joltter feet?

Daniel Ao says:

Please do a review of the Puma future 2.3. Please! Thanks

Eric Juma says:

I have wide feet and the futures did NOT work for me

Taco says:

adidas nemiziz 18.3?

epiczz says:

I need a video like this for narrow feet

Amari Richards says:

Slim foot

JosepHo14 says:

What puma futures are those in the thumbnail?

am zezima says:

Does the magnetico pro have a takedown model?

Rubick Anderson says:

i know this boot is outdated but the puma evopower vigor fits my really really wide feet

Tianyi Zhang says:

I would suggest Diadora’s top end leather boots, feels even wider than Mizuno Morelia IMO.

Oskar Viléus Åk 9 says:

Hey Josh! Should i go for Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite Raised on Concrete for 135 dollars or Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Pro Stealth Ops for 80 dollars?

FreediveRN says:

Hey Josh, is it just me or is the Vapro Pro or Superfly Pro smaller than e.g. the Academy Version? I do have the Academy SG in size 43 which fits perfectly. But when I ordered the Vapor Pro in same size it was too small. Same with the CR7 Superfly Pro.

Enrico Simonotti says:

Do one for narrow feet! Divided in categories: thin and light, leather, some leather, knit, etc

Xander Beutling says:

How do you know if you have wide or skinny feet ?

milk bear says:

I think Mizuno have the best ones since they are designed for Asians who in general have wider feet

Thomas Erdmann says:

What kind of boots should I wear if I am a midfielder

Zach says:

No one really does this, but how about for flatter feet? Obviously wide is going to help, as well as insoles but I feel like this could be a topic.

Han Htoo Bala says:

1:56 Anyone else notice the Copa at top left corner shift to the side a bit??

*Plays X-Files song*

The Jolly Orange says:

i have narrow feet, which boots are best for narrow feet

Zi Qin Lo says:

I think hypeevenom is wider mercurial because I worn them before

Ян Вертогьен says:

I have a pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly 5.Eventhought i have miraciously wide feet with added 3 degree of flat feet defect.How do you thinhk?After breaking time perioud(1-2 week)They get so comfortable even with my feet that wider than 2 Big-Maks together

Logan Hallahan says:

2:02 – 2:05 boots shift and one is missing.. Josh?

Kyle Colton says:

Do a vid on boots for narrow feet

Slav says:

I like the thounge on the copa 18.1

Luca Melfi says:

Can you do narrow feet next

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