THE BEST NEW ADIDAS CLEATS!? – Adidas Predator 18.1 (Skystalker Pack) – Review + On Feet

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A G says:

Josh I have a relatively narrow foot and I play mostly on AG surfaces, as a CM and Winger, would you recommend this or the superfly 5?

Jerry Speedy says:

Predator 18.1 or Nike hypervenom phantom 3

Football Dreamer says:

I think the main problem is that people is not happy because nobody has created yet a synthetic skin 100% like leather, so no synthetic Predator will feel like 90% of the Predators ever made which gave nowadays reputation to this boot, together with the rubber elements. Second, these are the most expensive boots in the world because of some technology that has absolutely no real impact on your perfomance, useless technology. People gets angry because there is no sense to buy these cleats unless you just want to look like Pogba or Dele Alli or whoever is sponsored by Adidas. What is Adidas giving to the consumers who wants OG leather-rubber feellings? Nothing.

Md Fida says:

Do you prefer Predator 18.1 or PureSPEED 17+?

Corbz 990 says:

Are the predator similar in width to the magista

Robert Tiongson says:

so… more swerve? more power?

Q Q says:

What do you think is better nike hypervenom 3 low or predator 18.1 ?

Tommy Ibrahim says:

In terms of aesthetics, these or 17.1 Chequered Black Packs?

Ghost Plays Soccer says:

can you compare the youth predators 18+ or 18.1 to the adults version?

Hanif Che Din says:

Will it be ok to use it in AG surface since they’re not offering a specific AG version.

Sin Huynh says:

Josh, is this your new favorite adidas boot. Or is the purespeed still your favorite

PhamiLyfe Media says:

Hey I was wondering which cleat has a wider toe box than a mercurial superfly v ? And also which cleat has the most grip on the ball?

Mikey Merrigan says:

Can u take out the laces on this boot

Benji Wu says:

Would you guys recommend this or Magista Obra 2 for a midfielder with wide feet? Any opinions? Thanks

sergio Ruiz says:

Shoes do not make the player. The player makes the shoe..

Kyle Burns says:

Any idea when other colorways might come out? I actually like this one but blackout or some black/blue/yellow could be sweet with this design

Sebastiao de Carvalho says:

these or the nemeziz 17.1?

dabo smith says:

Josh do you like the 17+ purespeed or the vapor 11 better. Love your videos and keep up the great work.

Soccer Reviews For You says:

While they’re nothing like the old Preds, the Predator 18.1 is still an excellent new cleat! There are also way more different between the 18.1 and 18+ than I was expecting, all of which I go over in the video. If you’re trying to decide between the 18+ and the 18.1, the info in this video should make it pretty clear for you. Thanks for watching and look out for videos on the rest of the new Predator models very soon!

Ashton Mitchell says:

Which do you think is better the predator 18.1 or the messi Nemeziz 17.1?

Κωνσταντίνος Ξίπας says:

Josh, will you do a play test on these???

Andrew Villalpando says:

Do you prefer the purespeed 17+ or the predator 18.1?

Ridiculous J says:

Which would you get this or hypervenom phantom 3

Ray S says:

Adidas make leather upper ones for the pro players

Conrad Boerner says:

I think it looks better with laces on than without.

Ryan McDougall says:

Hi Josh.

Have been a loyal Adidas user for the last 10 years. The last few years I switched to Ace after the predators were discontinued.
I had the Ace 16.1 primeknit and were hands down the best boots I have ever worn. The following season I went for the 17.1 primeknit and absolutely hated them. Felt the were too stiff and just weren’t as comfy as the 16.1 primeknits.
With these you say this is the best primeknit upper adidas have made?
Would you say the are better than the 16.1 primeknit?
I am very interested in these maybe in a nicer colourway in the next few months

Yuanchen Chen says:

I like the predator 18.1 more, compared to 18+, ’cause I think the lock down is the most important during match.

Jesus Delcarmen says:

Hella copied NIKE <<

miguel contreras says:

When is a play test coming out!?

Kensi KA says:

i love that super mario sound effect,makes me laugh

Daniel Garepis-Holland says:

This or adidas x 17+

Voli says:

They are ok for a goalkeeper?

John Paul says:

I wear a size 9 in adidas, but the specific cleat I have is the goletto iv. I need to get these to replace them, should I go 1/2 a size up? – 9.5?

Charly Kadyro says:

Are the predator 18.1 lighter than the adidas ace 17.1 primeknit?

Man from the Orient says:

Josh, which boots are the best on thé market for you? Maybe the lowcut Hypervenom Phantom 3?

LondonIsBoss says:

Do you notice any differences when you strike the ball without laces?

Sergio Delgado V says:

Is the sizing the same as the Ace 17.1?

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