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Laceless football boots are a relatively new trend, and up until this point it has been a “technology” or “feature” left exclusively to top-end, expensive models. Adidas being the frontrunner in the laceless boot department charges at least $275 for laceless boots, until now. Introducing the new Adidas Predator 19.3 Laceless! With a retail price of $100, this is the cheapest laceless football boot ever! But are they any good? In this video we take a closer look at the launch Initiator Pack colorway and go over all of the details that you should know about these intriguing boots! Would you buy a pair?

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T I N T I N says:

Favorite soccer channel

Rhys Ward says:

Lacless are shit

Noelle Francisco says:

I actually don’t think they look too bad. The look better than most take downs.

George Middleton says:

I would still lowkey cop

The Mazini says:

Do you deliver to India

Do You Know Da Wae says:

How does it feel on a wide foot?

Hugo :v says:

Predator para pobres :v

Amichai Obadiah says:

Why can’t they do this instead

Kaiyu Parr-Whalley says:

anyone else thinking these are the predator 18.3 trying to please the children who think they’re cool by taking their laces out?

Muhammad Ahmad says:

I bought these BUT half a size bigger than actual 🙁 I wish i saw this video beforehand

Mirza Özdemir says:

La şu sağ üstteki mor krampon benim arkadasta var

Norway vlogger says:

fake predator 19.3

HK10 says:

Jerry,they did surgery on a grape

*maaz * says:

I need one shoe

lerato sibidi says:

I like the black adidas stripes it’s a nice touch

Hamish says:

What’s going on guys, Josh from

harry barber says:

I got these for £60 on Black Friday haven’t used them yet but excited to

Shane Paterson says:

After you do the meme intro every video, my mom thinks you are bleeping out a swear word. lol Love the videos man keep up the good work!

Varmkorvs Gubben says:

I like the blue more!

Ahmad Mustaqiim says:

You must check Specs illuzion Lace less brand from Indonesia..

One wheel josh says:

Dose anyone know when Adidas will bring out the turf/indoor versions as they only have the laces version in turns atm really rather get the 19.3 laceless as turf boots

어A.D.FC노이 says:


Martin Corona says:

I mean as a goalkeeper laceless are a better option. Obvious reasons why.

Sean Riddell says:

What should I buy for 100 dollars

Issac Salazar says:

New on SR4U!!! Josh swaps out the stock laceless upper for custom SR4U laceless upper!!! Ha!

Feanor1977 says:

My local sports store has this shoe, and even though I’m very skeptical of laceless boots, I found that the 19.3 fit me much better than the 19.2 did.

Sumukh Suresh7 says:

Nike brought collars to lower end boots, now Adidas removes laces from lower end ones.


Compare these to the ACE 16 laceless

Diego Morfin says:

If you are on a budget, you should buy a heavily discounted high end boot, not that joke, you can get a Tiempo premier of the past colors, even a Puma One 1 in some colorways, look at the deals of the week, but please do not make that mistake

TMTrey 30 says:

So I want to buy the Adidas Predator 19+ Turf shoe, should I get my size or one size up ? Or I get my size and then when I wear it a couple of times it might get loose right ?

Dylan Wood says:

$70 or £55 for some laceless trainers

Juan Martinez says:

I would get them but I already but predators indoor that look similar.

Sunyeat is here says:

My boots are 10 dollars(800 bangladeshi taka) but it’s quiet well

Tommaso Forni says:

Josh but I can buy the laceless nemesis at 145 dollars, much better right?

Will Smith says:

can u make this vs 19+

Roy's Channel says:

Are they better than Nike hypervenom phelon

Joel Perez says:

I’ll get them if they were for indoor soccer. Mostly for the looks lol

Andre Steve says:

dont buy .3 adidas,thats useless,u can buy another brands with better price and better quality

Tommy Chhen says:

Nike club boots with ACC next?

Roy's Channel says:

How much do u think they are worth for

Dr. Swag Kitty says:

+ on feet. not on his head or his hands. ON HIS FEET ok. he is helping you where to put your shoes.

GOAT says:

It’s funny that everyone in the comments acts like they have 50+ pairs of high-end boots

Kem Ukandu says:

So hard to please

Ryan Moorcroft-Taylor says:

If your a bad player, cheap boots or expensive boots, your still going to be bad.

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