The Truth! – What Are The Best Soccer Cleats/Football Boots for Wide Feet?

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Luis Mendoza says:

Josh do you still agree that thin feet are existent? As I went to the Nike store and only the hypervenom line left way too much room in the tie box and wasn’t tight at all. Are there any tight synthetic boots you’d recommend that isn’t the, vapor, superfly, purechaos, nemesis?

Marios Vasilakis says:

What is lighter ,mercurialx proximo turf or hypervenomx proximo turf ?

Daniel Coke says:

If my cleats fold a little on the inside when I step does that mean they aren’t tight enough?

Craig Bowles says:

Disagree with you there I have wide feet I can’t physically get my feet into pure control or pure chaos ! So nothing to do with what we looking for and how we feel it’s way shoe is made

Arie P says:

Please do a modern review of the adidas Copa Mundial cleats

Not Real says:

Trust me I do have wide feet lol. Best fitting pairs I’ve had are the ctr360 maestri 3s

Owen Yates says:

ive been looking for football boots #hyper venom low cut but there all sold out in my size

Mario Castillo says:

With the recent Neymar transfer to PSG, do you think Nike pitched in some money to help the transfer go through? Now Neymar is the star, and Nike can capitalize on that. Maybe market Neymar more to facilitate the process of pushing out CR7 as the Mercurial poster boy and replacing him with Neymar.

Max Barrett says:

Hey Josh, I got the Ace 17.1s a little while back and although I love the lockdown and general fit, my feet are a little sensitive in the midfoot area and they are a little uncomfortable because of my more flat feet. I don’t really have this problem with my Legend 5s. Do you think insoles like Dr Scholls would help?

Ho Seung Choi says:

I always wanted to wear a pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly V, but recently in the soccer shop, I realized that I had high ankles and a wide feet. So the person there didn’t suggest me the Mercurial, so I got the Adidas Copa 17.3. It was very comfortable.

Sony Juarez says:

Can you do a video on your opinions about the whole transfer drama about Neymar moving to psg?

abdul siddiqui says:

Hey Josh so my tryouts are coming up on August 9 but the problem is my soccer cleats (Legend 6’s) are completely ripping from the front. It feels sloppy and it’s really hard to make cuts and stuff. So what should I do! I can’t buy another pair!

Ben Brooks says:

your foot looks crammed af

Gabriel Casanas says:

why do everyone says that tiempos are the widest ones of nike, I used to use Tiempos V and the soleplate was very thin, I couldnt lace up as tight as I like because it would hurt my feet, and it’s not because I have wide feet, I now use vapors XI and they fit me perfectly ( only problem is that my feet slip sometimes when I shot, a small problem)

Jonathan Fisher says:

This video was so useful, thank you so much for this video. Now i know exactly what to do when buying soccer shoes.

JG Graphics says:

Really good video – helped me out a lot

Spongebob Squarepants says:

I got not quite wide feet but my big toe is mest up like instead of right toe pointing left it points right and and sticks out which is why I use wide shoes

Maciek Rydzewski says:

Can You please make an updated “Best soccer cleats for narrow feet” video?

Mohd Naufal says:

hey josh,which one has a softer upper once we break them in?the hypervemom phantom 3 or the tiempo legend 7?

Arie P says:

Would you recommend the adidas copa mundial boots to wear for about 8 months

Arie P says:

If I were to get the adidas Copa Mundial cleats, do you think I will definitely feel the extra weight/bulk as I use them?

Otito says:

So, I am flat footed, and actually developed bunions on both feet from tight fitting shoes, any advice? Also love all your vids man!!

THEgamingtoxic 325 says:

idk if i have wide feet or thin ones

Brandon Tan says:

My feet are extremely wide… Copa Mundials are the only shoe that fit my feet at my natural size of 8.5. Otherwise, I have to wear shoes at size 10+ but there is way too much room in the toe area. Sadly, I hate the Copa Mundials (there is no color!!). Can anyone help me?!?! Would it be ok to buy a size 10 and just stuff the toe area??

DarkRaiga says:

Well Ive tried the the same size of the Mercurial Vapors and Hypervenom Phantoms and the Vapors felt really tight on the mid foot while the Hypervenoms did not. Tried half a size bigger on the Vapors and although I did get more room on the mid foot I ended up with much more room on the toe box than I wished. So does that mean the Vapors aren’t suited at all for my feet?

Ivan Garcia says:

Everybody complaining, meanwhile i literally have elephant feet…(Circular)

Dang Nguyen says:

Hey Josh! Just want to let you know that your videos on sizing and fiting of the shoes are really helpful. I’ve been wearing many Nike/Adidas cleats for like 4 years now, and it’s only until now that I know I’ve been wearing a full size bigger than needed. I’ve been watching your reviews, following the sizing, then decided to choose a Magistax Finale II this time. It’s weird and somewhat uncomfortable out of the box (regarding I have to go down a full size, comparing with the size I used to wear), but after 4 break-in games, the shoes are now fantastic. It even up my perfomance quite a bit, due to the fit and the responsiveness.
Long story short, I have 1 question: If I wear the size 7.5 US on a pair of Nike Magistax Finale II, should it be the same on a pair of the old CTR360 lines? Like, the Trequartista (FG)?
Really looking forward to your answer ’cause I’ve been keeping an eye for that old but lovely CTRs.

Craig Bassam says:

My planted foot covers half of a rugby pitch… I am almost certain I have wide feet.

Rupert Nigelson says:

I have wide feet but I own vapor xi and fit in them perfectly

Hoang Le says:

What would you recommend for a person with flat feet? I currently wear the tiempo legacy 2 and sometimes my arch would hurt after couple hours of play time.

Adam Destro says:

You have the best football-related channel Josh! I bought the Under Armour Clutchfit Force 3.0 because of you and you know what? It’s worth every penny! Hands down one of the best releases of 2017.

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