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Laceless boots aren’t necessarily new, but they’ve definitely become a lot more popular over the last few years, mainly because of Adidas. Umbro, now has a laceless boot, but unlike the ones Adidas is making, their’s are kangaroo leather! Today we take a closer look at the World’s first laceless leather football boots, the Umbro Medusae 3 Elite! Are they the best leather boots ever, or just another gimmick?

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Fadzly Hanaffi Muzayin says:

Didnt Lotto came out with one years back? Is the in K leather or synthetic?

Nathan Greenwood says:

When are the blue mercurial vapours dropping??? They were supposed to drop on the 17th but haven’t ??

Bendrix LV says:

Releasing un my b day

ZJCB13 Studios says:

I think that adidas was going to make the copa 19 laceless but umbro did it first

Spandan Buch says:

Will they make a takedown version somehow? Same silhouette but maybe w laces?

Jordan Shwora says:

Can you do a review of the new calfskin tiempos?

Marina Samchez Lopez says:

Review of storelli speed socks plsss joshh


Frick Umbro I’m Australian what the hell did kangaroos do to you to deserve this

Charles Bugasto says:

That shoe looks like adidas X 17+

Triston Valadez says:


ignore me says:

Their realise is today.. :'(

Andrew Rymph says:

Why didn’t Umbro just slap laces on them with lace loops and call them speed boots and then say you can take the laces out but the lock down won’t be as good?

Ardi Gashi says:

they look soooo sickkk

Lewis says:


Samuel Kosnandar says:

the configuration and color of the stud seems very similar with the F50 adizero, I guess
still little bit curious about the performance feeling when playing with the ball, and also about reliability with leather part

Jose Gomes says:

When u selling some of ur shoes on ur wall

James Bowles says:

Velcro straps

Yewan Milligan says:

Whats next zippers instead of laces….

Oh wait

Bart Gertsen says:

They would even look quite good if it wouldn’t have this fake crocodile skin pattern at the back.

ZJCB13 Studios says:

Oct. 19th is my b day

Sacha Viti says:

Adidas glitch were laceless and leather

Graham S says:

Ngl pretty stupid of Umbro to create a boot that could be so hype and then limiting it to 24 per country

Dhiyaa Banjer says:

Do you know if nike will release a new tiempo legend anytime soon??

Vedhang Madhavan says:

We dont

Vector Cringe says:

To be honest….

It wasn’t that ugly

Marvel Review Spot says:

Adidas with there copa 19 won’t have laces but still kangaroo leather

QUINPG says:

Look amazing

Drew Butler says:

Josh I am having a ton of trouble finding US retailers who stock AG cleats. Play almost exclusively on AG so want to get a pair so I don’t risk injury. Any suggestions on a retailer that stocks a variety of sizes/brands of AG cleats?

Gianluigi Senpai says:

Will it be suitable playing boots for wide footed players?

irish mickey says:

Umbro has always been underrated tbh.

Aaron Hackett says:

8:00 Josh said “doo doo” ewwww

Czechman says:

Adidas Glich were first laceless leather boot…

Josh Thomas says:

k-leather upper glitch?


Stanford Thomas says:

Black those out and it’s lit

Juan Martinez says:

So does Adidas use cow leather?

Hidde Smeets says:

Medusa with an e is pronounced medusai

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