Welcome to another SR4U Q & A! In this video I answer a bunch of your questions, including my worst ever football boot experience, what I think the best Nike Mercurial of all-time is, what’s my go to goal celebration, the importance of a pre-game meal and much more!

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sohan banerjee says:

Hi Josh as stupid or as wierd as this may sound I cannot seem to find an Uk size 6.5 where I live because none of the major online retailers seem to keep the half sizes in stock. So I was wondering if there are any shoes currently in the market (top end and takedown models) included that run half a size down that I could take a look at? If you are wondering what kind of boots I prefer I am down to try anything (leather, knitted, synthetic etc.). Thanks if you are reading this.

Moises Alas says:

Your room would look better and nicer if you stick some football posters on the wall

Jack Wilko says:


Danyal Khan says:

Ans to the video 2:50

Dustfinger52 says:

6:38 Bruh I remember getting those and thinking they were the coolest things in the world.

The Stig says:

Yo Jurassic Park, where did you get your seat customized?

Keanu Mentor says:

Do a video on ISCO wearing adidas boots

Alexander Collings says:

If I’m just casually playing soccer in my garden what footwear should I wear soccer boots or trainers?

vj Joshi says:

Which is the best adidas as well as Nike boot currently in the market….

Karl Karl says:

Dont have the mice showing

Sam Shelton says:

The puma powercat made my shooting better. It had those pads on the front. Helped me personally. The laces were just too far down the side.

Emmanuel Matu says:

funny you say that I was never in a Mercurial phase as a kid growing up. Always been a Predator fan cuz of my brother’s influence on me.

Harshal Verma says:

Do you think the future 2.1 is not so different from the future 18.1?

Jan C. says:

Because Puma makes better boots than nike or addidas…just because adidas and nike are trying to monopolize the market that doesn’t mean they make the best stuff, people are just buying the brand not the quality tbh.

M1k33dr3dd 86 says:

Hows it going josh what do you think is the better boot/deal the addidas ace 17.1 primeknit for £75 (black & red) or a pair of puma evo power vigour 1 for £60 (black & red) cheers

Moses Lopez says:

If I got a pair of x18.1 in size 12 would I get the same size in a copa 19.1?

Ethan Gallant says:

When arr you doing a review on neynars new boots?

Leah Collins says:

I have the laceless adidas blue predator 19.1 they are amazing but they were £120

BN S says:

Hey Josh, do you think adidas and puma are putting too much pressure on themselves by forcing themselves to make a new version of a silo every year e.g.. 17.1, 18.1, 19.1. Nike made the smart choice with their naming and take their time to produce each new generation of their boots.

Seannputt says:

can you move the mic ?

Juan Becerra says:

When are u going to release ur nutrition thing

Fons Lie says:

Which is better phantom vision or phantom venom ?

Peter Bampalikis says:

Is there any different between shoes from Shop and shoes from stock?

Alexis R. Salcedo says:

Do a review of the Puma para Mexico 86.

J.A. Lopez says:

My favorite mercurial vapor line was the gold R9’s. Love those lol

Moises Alas says:

11:11 the most stupid question ever

Nike Phantom Vision Elite says:

Hi Jabulaini, Nice Video!

Victor Lezama says:

The 5 random boot series is great, I look forward to them.

Terry Murphy says:

Does your shelf have acc

Kyrone Scotland says:

Josh what control boot category has the most narrow fit

jaquan walters says:

Josh let’s be honest do you actually know what the future or next model of a boot will be even if Nike or whatever brand doesn’t send you a prototype

Alejandro Ok says:

Hey josh would you recommend taking the laces out of the x17+?

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