Are they really that bad??

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So in todays video I experiment with and test out the worst reviewed football boots soccer cleats on amazon TESTED!

Kieran Brown.


Michael Maclean says:

It’s not the boots it’s the player in the boots

LB 10 says:

How much are they

Chocodile 08 says:

£30 my Adidas boots cost that

L B says:


zombieslayer426 says:

Its a placebo effect i did a challenge were i bought a dollar store soccer shoes and played well if anything they just ripped a bit but the turf was bad not because of the boots

Solar_ NepetnheZ says:

Do the best reviewed

Ivan Ross says:

They look amazing

Nevan Mahattana says:

What was the rap song called?

Paul Vanox says:


Red Shaun says:

Nice grammar.

The Last Knight says:


Felix Jonsson says:

Do boots really make a difference? I haven’t played in a club and never owned a pair


It’s not the football boots that’s bad its the player that’s bad I don’t mean to say that ur bad but I don’t think it’s cuz of the boots.

David cox says:

Nigga your legs are sticks…

Ben Peters says:

The thing is that it’s not all down to the boots and it’s mostly down to the player

Zac Ewart says:


Radu G Ploesteanu says:

These are from The “testing fake superflys” video you did

Ties Odekerken says:

It doesn’t depend on your football boots how good you play football

unboxing 123go says:

You copid to cleastgram

eshan yadav says:

Are you the same person who is on 7mlc channel??

Ed Carter says:

What about your left foot bro?

bendan09 says:


TheMatrix1101 says:

Soccer cleats*

Deb Chesh says:

Your shoes don’t make a difference in how you play, unless u play in high heels. Just get the cheapest boots

Mathias_The_Sir says:

PEOPLE!!! it’s not the football boots that’s good….

David Mendelsohn says:


Lil69Snipz _ says:

I don’t get it, the type of boots you get doesn’t determine your skill. You can get any boots it’s just about your skill. The only thing that matters about a boot is if it’s comfortable or not, other than that idk why people spend 400$ on boots. This video shows proof but you’re saying that the boot is good based on your skill. The boot is the boot and your skill is your skill.

Eazy Breezy105 says:


śüpéŕćéļĺ ģàmèŕ says:


Frizzy Guy 18 FG18 says:

When you skipped leg day

Sam Anderson says:

Those cleats are bad, it’s just that Kieran is so good!

Cameron boi Lakey says:

It’s the players ability not the boot

Alfie King says:

It could just be me but as soon as you opened them, I thought they were like any other football boots. Great video as always Kieran Brown!

Choco Boy says:

Not bad at all Kieran

Rangers Fan Tv says:

Not about the boots it’s about the players

daniel plays games says:

You should go pro

barni horvath says:

When you are a great soccer player it doesn’t really matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing.

YB ONE says:

The skill makes the player, not the boots lol. Played in Jordan’s many times and still got past people, could pass and could shoot. Unless your in slippers or high heels, your football ability is questionable if you blame the shoes.

Vincent says:

What’s the best at 3:00??

Emerald Films says:

You just try to show your skill

Mazen Makhlouf says:

They look quite nice

ASM rocks says:

Not that bad

Anthony Mwangi says:

they do suck

Diego Ayala says:

I really like your skills sometimes I practice them and they are very good

Chris Reger says:

Not about the boot it’s about the player

gamerX22407 Rikhotso says:


junior Gorobets says:

At o:40 o thought it glitched

Stephen Aylesbury says:

Its not always the boots dont blam your equipment it the player.

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