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Everyone has different priorities in what they want from their football boots. Some prioritize comfort, fit, feel, traction, or weight, but a lot of people also really want good looking boots, and in my opinion these are beautiful! Unfortunately, looks alone aren’t enough, because the rest of these laceless soccer cleats just aren’t that good, or at least not as good as they could be. I explain why in today’s video. What do you think of these boots?

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Ctnfplayz Yt says:

If you don’t like them send them to me I’ll be more than happy to keep them.

Batmans Nipples says:

They look like a spunk stain

signature sneakers says:

I don’t like the color way

Cristian Desiderio says:

Those cleats are so white, that they only listen to Keith Urban and Eminem.

Sam89HD says:

What are those shirts you wear with the blacked out logo like in this video

Mauricio Galvez Rodriguez says:

9:18 the foot

vedant patil says:

He’s a great reviewer but his sarcasm is too bad. Tries too hard to be funny.

Marcos Arreguin says:

White-outs > Black-outs

Blazing Jaws says:

Do you tend to respond to short comments? Do you even take a look at long comments?

Jason Oh says:

semen laceless no thank you

Preston Garvey says:

Thank you janye, very cool

Blazing Jaws says:

These be lookin mighty fine

milk bear says:

White looks really dope. But really easy to get dirty…

Ashwin says:

Is this adidas’ answer to Nike off white mercurial?

T blast says:

They much more hot than volcano #definitely

Manisha Singh says:

For me laced Boots is the way to go because it is cheaper and gives better lockdown.

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

Jawad, are there many differences between Nike Vapor 12 academy and club apart from the split sole?

Haziq Rahmat says:

i called them vanilla

Tsar Bomb says:

This shoe just looks like a sock or one of those thingys tht goes into the Adidas glitch

iRSubscriber says:

Which outlets do you find samples and stuff at? I’m in Ontario

christian avila says:

What do you think of some puma powercat 2.10 for 30 us dollars

Taegan Hallahan says:

That soleplate looks incredible.

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