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Welcome to the third and final part of the 2018 SR4U Football Boot Awards, where I name my pick for the Boot of the Year! I also share my picks for the best laceless boots, best new boot technology, my personal favorites and much more! What’s your pick for the 2018 boot of the year?

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Jesse Martin says:

14:32 poor you

Peter Harrison says:

Thanks for the awesome videos this year!!! I’m looking forward to your content next year 🙂

Chris Riley says:

What’s the best boot with the best lockdown?

MinhKhoi DuongNguyen says:


Pls like this comment it took me an hour to make this


U said copa 18.1 for the first one I don’t care but u know had to point it out

WoLfFayZ says:

Who else thought he was going to pull out the zipper boot for best boot technology?

Eliasian RS says:

tekela 1.0 pro best boot

it's ya boi watsits says:

I got the adidas x 18 sg I know they are lace less but are they a good boot

fritanza dion says:

Why adidas did not continue to produce ACE in 18?

Adam Ali says:

The orange one

Soccer Reviews For You says:

Did I make the right call? What’s your pick for 2018 Boot of the Year?

Aldridge Zajmi says:

Asking Josh and anyone else who possibly owns the shoe, do the tiempo legend 7 elite fit true to size?

ichitaka05 says:

I was hoping to see some awards for best indoor and turf cleats. I know you did it on May (or so) this yr, but would of been interesting to hear if it’s same or not.

Mari says:

What about zipper boot of the year?

Lana Marshall says:

Don’t u hate it when ur watching a good youtube video and a tick tock add just comes to ur screen

Have a good day

Abner says:

Great review, Jon!

George H says:

The best boots this year are all the laceless boots. When they fall off they offer a true “bare foot” feel.

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

I am just very surprised none of the top 4 was a leather boot. Let the market change Joby, don’t you go changing on us too ☹

Collin McQuiddy says:

Booty system 9:21

Benjamin Martinsen says:

Can you review the Umbro velocita 4 Pro?

Dennis Man says:

No nemeziz?

CL15 says:

why did he say the best laceless boots were the copa 18.1

sam Merino says:

Can you review boots from decathalon? And compare of the branded shoes .they are freeking cheap

Majed X says:

I knew it would be the phantom vsn

Gabriel Lim says:

I already knew it was the phantom vsn joakim. The copa 19+ was on the wall and not on your hand during the boot of the yr award

Joma Champion Max says:

I shouldve been number 1

Abrar Aziz says:

I really like the music he plays every time the name of an award comes up .

Ashfaq Ul Mushfiq says:

Funny part of Being a Predator Fan and a goalkeeper, the Predator Pro goalkeeper gloves have the RUBBERIZED ELEMENTS, but the boots don’t ! Even though its funny, but hurts deep inside being a die hard Predator Fan from childhood.


Derrick Rodrigues says:

Hey Josh there is online end of season sale going on at our area ! Copa 18.3 and nemesis 18 .3 r available cheap 50 % discount at the same price ! Which one should I buy ? Really need some help

DIDOUG says:

Adidas x18 +

Jeffrey O'Gara says:

But who does the award for best award show music go to?

shaban hodzic says:

Good vid

Top 10 Jackpot says:

My personal favorite boot of 2018 is CR7 Chapter 6

V12 Supercharger says:

hey jonathan thurstan, would you recoment the made in indonesia mizuno morelia neo 2, or do you recon i go tiempo legend 7 pro, ORRRRRRR mizuno rebula v1 made in indonesia

Cameron Victor says:

Surprised the vapor 12 pro never got mentioned as many think it is arguably the best boot for its price

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