2018 was a great year for football boots! Lots of new models, lots of new ideas and some excellent products overall! But the question always remains, which ones were the best? In today’s video I go over my picks for the Top 10 for the best performing football boots of 2018!

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Danyal Khan says:

Currently , watching Real Madrid Vs Rayo . Noticed that Kroos is wearing 11 pro’s.

Ryle Schuchmann says:

RIP Predator

DerEchte says:

No predator?

Nived Aryampilly says:

where is the nemesis

Paul Kim says:

Hey josh, some of the unisport videos reviewing the mercurial vapor 12 and superfly elites mentioned that the upper on the superfly was softer due to the slightly different thickness of coating on the upper. Have you heard anything about this/do you think the superfly upper is actually softer than the vapor’s? thanks

Denis Uchiha says:

Ohh shiptarr

Sean Carroll says:

Josh how close was the Nike hyperven phantom elites to making the list

Nike mercurial vapor 12 academy says:

Nike mercurial vapor 12 elite The Best for me

Kevin.lupercio10 says:

Can you do a review on the puma 1 leather low

F.B.I says:

I was the 1000th like

Like if u agree

V12 Supercharger says:

I have superfly pro straight out best boot I’ve ever purchased

sgr_skll says:

will you do a boot of the year vid?

Xenomorphing says:

Where are the hyper venoms

Angy says:

do you know if there will be any christmas/new years sales?

amogh das says:

what about the legend 7 elite

Joseph Philip says:

Can u make a laced boot from a laceless boot and review it

Ian Cuspinera says:

Why did you do Jay Mike like that LMAOOOO

Kevin Navas says:

Sooo if I’m a 9 in Nike then in Puma 2.1 Netfit I would be …?

Enzo Ferro says:

Im ok with any of them except of that ugly looking Mizuno rebula but the puma future really hypes me up

dominos753 says:

1 copa 19+
2 X 18.1
3 Puma one 1
4 future 2.1
5 Nemesis 18+
6 Vapour 12 elite
7 Mercurial Superfly elite
8 Phantom vision
9 furon
10 mazuno marelio 2

Ulises Aranda says:

Josh!!! why no zipper boot!!!!!!!

Danny Harris says:

Josh my go to boot was always the Obra 1 Sg pro, anything you can recommend to replace these as mine have seen better days?? Thanks in advance

Patrick Ho says:

How about ua spotlight v2, remember you said they’re really good

HazardHD says:

Do a video of the best AG boots of the year

Smiles :D says:

Can the phantom be worn by people with wide feet or is a very tight boot?

Sauk Jun says:

hey josh will purespeed17+ make it in top 10? and which one do you prefer more purespeed17+ or mercurial 12??

It's Jamil Okay says:

Phantom vsn academy or vapor 12 pro or hypervenom phantom academy

Mohammed Aquib says:

What about the adidas nemeziz?

PeteyTheRipper says:

Josh do you happen to know how many sales them toe poke boots are on ? At the moment roughly

BrownBoi 8 says:

What about Nemeziz 18.1?

SeanThePro says:

12:59 god damn that shot was sexy

Daniel Cull says:

Does anyone know of a site that sells strings bags.

Fosu says:

0:30 do not smoke kids

Daniel R. Anderson says:

Can you do a Vermont vs Canada Maple Syrup comparison video?

Snop Snap says:

So the mercurial pro’s are just the same as the old vapors?

V12 Supercharger says:

but colone sanders the underarmour magnetico explodes

Sports and Stuff says:

Lmao you can’t just bully jay mike like that

TheIceKiller says:

If the next Mercurial doesnt have ACC stringbag im bot buying it

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