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On a budget but still want High-End Soccer Cleats? You’re in luck, because there are some crazy sales this weekend on tons of great football boots. In this Deals of the Week video I highlight the Top 20 High-End cleats available right now for $150 or less!

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MrHirriq says:

Too bad mainly FG cleats going on sale

Mohd Tirmidzi says:

Do a review on the puma future low cut please Josh !!

Ghrey Keys says:

Song name at end?

Sauradip Sengupta says:

Hey josh i got wide feet and i was wondering which indoor take down model would be better…the mercurial victory df or the og hypervenom 1 phelons?

NRDK Sully says:

Hey josh which one is better for AG use VAPOR 12 elite or superfly 6 elite

Remedios Martinez says:

Can you please do another q and a

Thomas Kilbride says:

Diadora brasil are the best boots on that list for me

Parth Maheshwari says:

thats amazing
so cheap love your work
amazing deals
but i still cant affort ….

DomG says:

Nice haircut!

lightning 360 says:

I don’t buy expensive boots but what ever my parents buy meq

Muhammad Fadli says:

Those some really cheap preds

Aleto Beast says:

first 12 comments

Kellen O'Rourke says:

Hey josh I have a question. I recently picked up a pair of Magista Obra 1’s with the soft ground studs at Ross. I am going to a soccer camp this summer, and I will be playing on artificial grass. I know there is a high risk of injury using sg cleats on artificial grass, so I was wondering if I took out the metal studs, would it be safe to play on artificial grass with them?

Osvaldo Galvan says:


Dan Guo says:

Hi just wondering will I get charged for custom fee if I order from Canada?

Niklas Offermanns says:

I just had an ellbowcrack!

Christopher Neil says:

You should make a Walmart edition of what’s in my soccer bag

Ben Huang says:


Cristian Argueta says:


Biak Brandon2141master says:

Love the video esspecially the OUTRO LLIITTT

Jose Arias says:

Hey josh, might wanna get those elbows checked. The cracks seem to be getting louder.

mohawk striker says:

Quick question, i have superflys and I’m sick of the sock do u think I should cut the socks?

harsha dinesh says:

Hi Josh. Can you do a review on Mizuno Monarcida Neo 2 MIJ?

Yewan Milligan says:

Sup the 5th person to comment like my comment please

23Ccanc8 says:

Finally I’ve been waiting for this vid for 2 weeks

NielsAdaloudis says:

Those diadora’s look so sexy. Been bossing the midfield with those for the last 3 years.

Darshan Tejwani says:

I bought the ace 17.1 indoor for 50$. Please tell me how they are.

cryptogunner says:

Just bought PUMA evoPower vigor 1.. best boots i ever tried. Thank you for the recommendation Josh.

Ghost Vazquez says:

I made up this word

it’s called plagiarism *puns 4 dayz

Joey Reynolds says:

Which should I look into, Magista Obra 2 or Hypervenom Phantom 3?

hababala hobo says:

hey man, i have wide feet and have been using the newest hypervenom for a while. my boot is now trashed and i need to buy new ones. any you would reccomend for a quick striker with farly wide feet?

Bob Bankins says:

Can u do a review on the mizuno rebula take down?

Exposzheho says:

Can you buy them for me josh I’m size 9.5 us Nike thx dad

Joey Rodriguez says:

Josh what was yoyr first youtube video ?

skinnymon123 says:

the vapor pro is high end? thought it was takedown

Maliya_ Jr says:

Hey josh, please I wear size size us7.5 and I want to buy a new boot and I want it to last for me. Plz should I go one size up?? I need your advice

Segma Football Warehouse says:

Those premier 2…

Abdallah Noor says:

Puma 18.2 review??? U said coming been a month josh

SpecialHighlights HD says:

Im early

Victor Lezama says:

The new Nike mercurial vapor 12 pro is already a rather cheap shoe at 120$ for retail and it’s definitely one I will give a try later in the summer since I already bought a pair of the Nemeziz agility 360.

J Javier says:

I Josh I cant find the tiempo legend VII in the AG version is it normal ?

Mining Llama says:

Josh, what is your opinion on the *Nike Mercurial Vortex iii FG* ?

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