Top 3 Dumbest Football Boots/Soccer Cleats Myths

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Angel Zarzo says:

I play left back and to be honest i did have a pair of neon green tiempos bc i thought those were the right cleats i need but its been 2+ years since that and I’ve improved in my touch, speed, and shot and i don’t care now what cleats i wear now thats why i wear a pair of mercurial vapor 11 tech craft 2.0

That One Cover Guy says:

This video helped so much! Thank you, I’ve been researching boots worn by Goalkeepers like Cech, Buffon and De Gea thinking I need to wear boots like them.

Also, could anyone help me find an affordable and great pair of boots. I’m just looking for lightweight boots that provide a lot of mobility (My price range is around $100)

Efterbliven Åsna says:

I’ve seen vids with ppl that try evospeed cleats vs evopower and they R faster in The evospeeds. Tho i think It’s more in their heads Then shoes.

Kevin Farahani says:

I am midfielder and I wear tiempo

George freestyle gaming vlogs and football says:

will I get roasted for wearing all pink superflys

Craig Davies says:

i agree ive used all 4 nike silos and i feel no difference to my game

Charlie Betcher says:

boots by position is only relevant to rugby boots lol

WaliFootball says:

Josh be sleepin on em

saveinmyhead88 says:

what should we do with this myth?

Elvis Arnold says:

Do u supply boots to india

7juaninho7 says:

I work at a soccer store and we get question #1 asked a lot by kids.

LazoStudios says:

These thumbnails doe

Arturs Brikmanis says:

And here i am whit my crocs

Jeremy Longchamp says:

Top 5 favorite leather soccer boots/top 5 synthetic soccer boots.

Imran Hajee says:

great videos just subscribed – thanks for the very in depth and useful information!!!! much love

Jose Ulloa says:

What he sold have said is that wearing superfly’s will slow you down less but your still gonna be slow if your slow

Oliver Vlogs says:

I wear vapour mercurials and I’m a defender

George freestyle gaming vlogs and football says:

boots not matter the player who is wearing them does

IvanDragox says:

Hey I`m Memphis

Noah Chapman 13 says:

I never understood the ACC and NSG Technologies. I first saw it written on my pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor IV when I was 9. This makes no sense to me to this day as although you control the ball and your boot comes into contact with the ball, the boot doesn’t hold onto the ball so grip is the complete wrong term and also massively false advertising.

Adams Land says:

This is funny because I’ve come across this when I went in to adidas and they asked for my postion and took me to the messi brand and I was like no I’m getting the 16.1 ace primeknit and so I did they are great and the thing is that I got them and everyone was like they are so great and you will be better and I was like “really?” I only got them because I liked the feel and looks of them. They said that I should have got the X line and I replied with “are you dumb” (they still won’t listen to me) so thanks I can link them this video so they can shut up about how I made the wrong choice for my postion and play style

Zachary Dion says:

When mizuno throws to be like nike/adidas

poor mizuno

Marcel _4321 says:

Bruh my brother and his friends that play soccer always want to get the top end ones with acc because those are the “real ones” and the cheaper versions are “fake” even tho they feel almost the same

nicholas molano says:

thx for the video josh, i definitely learned a thing or two from you 🙂

Alex Contreras says:

the only thing that boots might make you better or worse is in the traction

george ling says:

well you said no boot could make you faster that’s wrong if you wear a lighter boot you would be faster then if you weared a heavier boot

David Mack says:

hey do you know if they fixed the heel on the x 15.1 in the later colorways Im thinking about getting them

Robinho Star says:

thanks josh

PoetryInMotion 1892 says:

Josh, I have a question for you, since I consider you a football boot expert, in terms of wearing every boot there is on the market and knowing how they fit, feel and all other stuff related to a certain model. I owned 2 pairs of Maestri 3s and absolutely loved them, I cant stop wearing them even tho they are pretty beat up and everything. I bought the Magista 1s and like them too, but would prefer more padded feel, so what would you recommend for me? Thanks.

Qweet Asse says:

Haha I’m playing centre back and I’m wearing superflys and ace 17 primeknit

Andrew o shea says:

I love ur videos man

Kyro Animationz says:

Laying out the truth Josh. Great job.

Andrew o shea says:

I’m a striker and where the adidas pure controls 17.3 dust storm

Archer Jewell says:

well if the shoes don’t really enhance your performance why does this channel exist?

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