Top 5 boots of 2018 – in today’s video we team up with Josh from SR4U to create a list of our Top 5 best football boots in 2018 so far. Here, JayMike and Josh from SR4U both list their favourite football boots that have been launched in 2018. In other words, football boots from 2017 don’t qualify for the Top 5 football boots of 2018 list that JayMike and Josh will cook up. On the Top 5 best football boots list we have new football boots such as the Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Elite, the adidas X18 football boots, the New Balance Tekela, the PUMA FUTURE 2.1, the PUMA ONE 1 and the Nike Phantom Vision Elite football boots – with special shoutouts to some of the Limited Edition releases we’ve seen this year such as the Mizuno Morelia II Japan Leather and the adidas Predator Accelerator remake football boots. So if you’d like to know which football boots tops the list of the Top 5 best football boots of 2018, this is the video to watch – especially if you’re a fan of either JayMike or Josh – or, maybe even both!


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Cristian Del Valle says:

I am a goalkeeper and am about to get cleats, I want them to be comfortable since my evopowers were uncomfortable after a while and all the kicking and foot hitting the ground action split the soul. Can anyone suggest cleats that can solve these? Thanks

soccermessigame messi says:

I watched sr4u since I was 7

Ignacy Święcki says:

Marvel: Infinity war is most ambitious crossover event in the world.

ronan varghese says:

Uhh scuse me?
Joma champion max like, duhh!

Takeo Torrey says:

Literally, the best shoe for the past couple years has been the hypervenom line easily

Kuba Lewandowski says:

what the fuck is that accent lmao

Joseph Zapata says:

The vapor usually gives me blisters on the back of my foot if it didn’t it would be one of my favorites

Sandesh Limbu2052 says:

I have a ? can our footwork will be better if we use a sport shoes in practice and boots in a game

GNR 0000 says:


emuron anthony says:

hey guys…any good person out there who can donate to me used or new football kits…am anthony from uganda africa…


What are the most comfortable boots?

Mike Scott says:

Josh where is the nike tiempo legend 7

James C says:

What is the difference between the Nike Phantom Vision Pro Dynamic fit IC and the Phantom Vision Elite?

Asha Kandari says:

Can you give me boots of football

Victor Rosso says:

Sr4u is so lost

XXProIron Gamer says:

When your watching this video and your hopping your boots are their

Jeremi Olczak says:

Can you make the WORST football boots of 2018?

king harrow123 says:

Am a simple man. I see manu, I leave

Matt OC says:

No puma future??

Matthew Alvarez says:

What about the Adidas predator tango 18+

Sketching Artist says:

“ It’s like it’s melting on your feet, in a good way”

Haris Jamal says:

Can you make a video about best boots for defenders

Yes says:

Guys post your address down below for a Superfly 6 to be delivered to you

Not the real Black Panther says:

Plz suggest me a stud which is cheap and good i am from india

Devyansh Atharv says:

Can i ger a free one i cant even afford a pencil

tarpaps says:

Hi, wonder if you could help me decide which boots to pick.
I’m trying to decide between the predator 18.2 fg vs phantom vision pro fg for astro turf surfaces and I’m presently using the predator 15.2.
as well as the 18.3 turf vs phantom vision academy ?? For indoor mat surface where I presently use the messi 16.3 turf shoes.

Mohammed Alghafli says:

Best collaboration ever I watch both of them

young king skills says:


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