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► TOP5 Best Footballboots | Soccer | Fußballschuhe 2011/2012
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Michi – Favorite Football Boots 2010/2011/2012:

1st: Winner: Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 VIII SG Pro / FG
-► Soccer cleats from Cristiano Ronaldo, Ribery & Mario Götze
-► Unboxing:
-► Test | Review:

2nd: Adidas F50 adizero miCoach FG
-► Soccer cleats from Lionel Messi, Robben & Podolski
-► Unboxing:
-► Test | Review:
-► Testing miCoach Speedcell:

3rd: Adidas adipure 11Pro miCoach FG
-► Soccer cleats from Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm
-► Unboxing:
-► Test | Review:
-► Test miCoach Speedcell:

4th: Nike Tiempo IV Legend Elite FG
-► Soccer cleats from Kevin-Prince & Jérôme Boateng, Cole, Ronaldinho
-► Unboxing:
-► Test | Review:

5th: Pele Trinity 3E FG
-► Soccer cleats like Adidas F50 adizero or Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII
-► Unboxing:
-► Test | Review:

Wie immer ist diese Auflistung subjektiv und hängt vom Fußballspieler ab – es heißt nicht, dass die gelisteten Fußballschuhe für JEDEN Spieler die BESTEN Schuhe zum Kicken sind!

These are the favorite football boots of Danie – this doesn’t mean that the mentioned soccer cleats are THE BEST BOOTS/CLEATS for football/soccer. It really depends on the player and his feet. Everyone is individual – everyone need his own “favorite” footballboot!

Cheers, Grüße

Konzi von freekickerz


Rembzy says:

what is this song called?! Please respond!!

thanasis klokwnis says:

4 the best <3

David George says:


Aaron Hung says:


Variares10 says:

I play soccer at my school are these shoes good?

Kashim Akram says:

I’m a CB/CDM what boots would be best for me? Also I play 5 a side football more than 11 a side so what boots would suit me the best?
When I play 5 a side I’m usually the CB but when I play 11 a side I usually play CDM.

MrJesus100 says:

Hard to say which cleats/bouts are the best. Depends on your position and skill level. I’m a defender and only wear Nike tiempo legends because they are semi light but strong and durable with nice touch.

James Lomax says:


C4xR3AL says:

Which e-dubble song was it?..

Marcel Lopez says:

I think that ronaldinho touch of gold shoes will go with me coz I play as cam (centre mid attack

alicia rocha says:

I don’t think is the cleat that makes the change

gtergxsxvhjjv says:

Lmao whats that bicycle kick never try it again….

CHIKY says:

I’m a goalkeeper any shoes recommended?thanks

Edro Dumerand says:

I liked the guy cool sneakers in the video above.

tobius637.wot says:

That was like best shots there wasn’t any like kons or good things about the shoes

gugu sigh says:

Ya Adidas is the best

zayn malik says:

it like CR7 free kicik

AwesomeMan6190 says:

I like number 5 and 2 best.

Mr. PeD0B3aR says:

What about the Adidas predator trx fg

Freja Lund Rasmussen says:

Nike boots are the best! 😀

TuSuPlaysGames says:

and how much is the pele trinity 3E

SAAD says:

Hey guys
I shoot the ball good but it doesn’t have much power
I mean good curve and accuracy but not much power
Advice. ?

BADBOY17 says:


Anrico Hoeksma says:

number 2 because I have them

O. B. says:

can you make a video showing the best synthetic football shoes?

Tarek Kaddoara says:

Do u need to have a boot to shoot good

Renne Virtanen says:

Adidas Predator

deuceKiD says:

Adidas Predator LZ 2 is the BEST!

BoVaWa Gaming says:

But this chanel is ….

TrapCity says:

Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III Sind und bleiben Die besten Fußballschuhe überhaupt !

Haresh Vatwani says:


Rohit Udhwani says:

I need suggestions for a boot that’s not really high priced, but is good for a goalkeeper. As I stay on my toes mostly, I need something flexible, yet also strong so I can get better agility. Any suggestions?

Stefan Boerkamp says:

Are the vapor’s durable??

BADBOY17 says:

Nike ist für mein Bruder cool

gtergxsxvhjjv says:

im using ctr360’s and its comfortable to use if ur an midfielder and have some tecnique

Felix Sortebech says:

Nike tiempo IV!

alicia rocha says:

I honestly don’t think is the boot that matters I think is the wat you hit the ball

Sami Zaid says:

tiempo 4 number One

Emily Summers says:

Platz 2 ist total unberechtigt der ist soooo… häßlich!

TuSuPlaysGames says:

how much is the nike vapor 8

tony Mar says:

What would be the best but low price boots for strikers ? Nike/Adidas


כל האמת על כדורגל וכדורסל וכו’
א’-הכי כייף שבעולם
ב-שומר על גברים שישמרו להיות גברים
ג’-סוג של הימורים ואורגזמה בגולים ובבעסה למפסידים 
שזו גם סוג של אורגזמה 
ד’-הניצחון תלוי גם בסוג השחקנים אבל גם זה תלוי 
במספר הצופים של כל קבוצה והצבעים 
של הלבוש של 2 הקבוצות והאוהדים והאנרגיות שלהם
ביחס לצבע הירוק של הדשא וביחס לצבעים 
של הפירסומות שיש באיצטדיון
וכדורגל וספורט בכלל
זו אהבה שמשמחת אנשים וזה 
הכרחי וזה חשוב בכל העולם

aril jacott says:

adidas schoes are the best on the planet and i got mine today
f50 messi gold orange!!!!!!!!!!!

Yassin says:

geile schuhe

xu jacket says:

football shoes 42usd skype: frankouber

zayn malik says:

I Like it

SAAD says:

Hey guys
I shoot the ball good but it doesn’t have much power
I mean good curve and accuracy but not much power
Advice. ?

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