Top 5 Best Leather Soccer Cleats/Football Boots 2017

Mizuno Rebula v1 MIJ Review + Discount Coupon Codes

Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Review + Discount Coupon Codes

adidas Copa Mundial Review + Discount Coupon Codes

adidas Copa 17.1 Review + Discount Coupon Codes

Mizuno Morelia Pro 2 MIJ Review + Discount Coupon Codes

Mizuno Rebula v1 Indonesia Review + Discount Coupon Codes

Nike Tiempo Legacy 3 Review + Discount Coupon Codes

Nike Premier 2 Review + Discount Coupon Codes

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SYA Playz says:

Doesnt the copa mundials defeat rule 1 lol

manuel botero says:

no diadora brasil?

miked104 says:

I have worn my nike premier 1’s out. I originally wanted the diadora brasil og, but it looks like that model is being phased out. Any suggestions besides premier 2.0?

Christopher Choo says:

Hi Josh, I’m looking to order a pair of adidas X16 or 17 purechaos/speed, I wear a size 9US in the new balance visaro 1 and I recently tried the adidas nemesis 17.1 in size 9 and found the midfoot was really tight. I wanted to know if I should wear a 9 or 9.5 in the Adidas X. Thanks

saveinmyhead88 says: how about top 5 revolutionary soccer cleat 2017.

Begad Mostafa says:

New UA spotlight plssss

Mostafa Jafarie says:

why does josh always wear UA socks all the time when he reviews boots

Prabal Thakur says:

Do leather boots work in rainy season?

Matteo C says:

No Diadora Brasil Italy OG? Anyway, nice video as always Josh!

Alec Santiesteban says:

Please give us a review on your cat

Mitch says:

SR4U is my city

Chris Arias says:

In your opinion what is the best calfskin leather boots

Sumfunghai says:

Hey Josh, why did you not include the Diadora Brazil Italy OG on this list?

Jay Kong says:

japanese soccer shoes for only their domestic market are really really great. For example, diadora register, puma japan para mexico and asics injector 2002, x-fly.

Kevin Lemus says:

Which of this shoes will last you at least a year

Peter Fallon says:

Where would you place the tech pack from nike?

Living for the sake of Living says:

Where can I buy Adidas 11Pro 3 ? Help Josh

Sal Turelli says:

Josh did you get the new spotlights in ? Could you do a review on them. They seem interesting

marijn blokx says:

How is the durability of the nike hypervenom phantom 3 low cut version?

Lol Bear says:

Knit Vs Leather Vs Synthetic

MR. LoL Guy team says:

Love your vid

M ORR says:

Check your DM’S

Sumfunghai says:

So would you say the Tiempo Legend 7, Legend 6, or even the Diadora Brazil Italy OG more soft and padded

Boris Blazevic says:

Am I wrong, or no adidas endorsed professionals wear the copas 17.1? Great video, Josh. I really like the new videos with a little humor, but still very professional.

Juan Esterbrook says:

Can you do a top 5 Most durable cleat/boot

John Manauis says:

your thoughts on the evotouch pro please

Kenneth Saucedo says:

What happened to the old tiempos i luv those tiempos

Plop Lop says:

imo, great balance of professionalism and personality in your videos josh. Keep it up

Ved Sriraman says:

Josh, what type of cleat would be best suited for many surfaces, like grass and turf? Ag, fg, or turf?

Charles Walsh says:

Do you prefer the premier 1 or 2?

Sam Phillips says:

Hi Josh,
Can you recommend the Copa Mundial for narrow footed players? Or will the responsiveness be far too low?

jaydgreen1 says:

Review the new Under Armour Spotlight please!!

Joel Chia says:

0:40 was unexpected and funny, more of such please, Josh.

Đức Nguyễn says:

Hi Josh, Copa 17.1 vs Tiempo Legend 7, which one is wider? Thank you

VIZetex says:

Is it ok to use Mizuno Rebula made in japan on Artifical Grounds? Or will the shoe get damaged?

Sumfunghai says:

Oh yeah and by leather quality, do you mainly mean softness? Or padding or something else

Darragh Brown says:

Kaiser 5 yup yup

TruBoy Videos says:

To me the copa mundial looks very similar to the puma m.i.i. Kings but it does not even get a mention. Can you tell me what the main differences between the two are and what makes the copa better than the kings?

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