Newer is better, right? Well, not always, but this time it does! We’re now a few months into 2018 and we’ve already seen a ton of new football boots/soccer cleats release! Some of them good, some of them not so good. I’m going to be highlighting what I think are the Top 5 Best New Boots of 2018 so far and why I think they’re so good! Which new boots are your favorite?

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Paul Cargill says:

Right here is the ultimate 2018 question and possibly a good comparison video. What is better value for money? Mercurial Vapor 12 Pro or a Vapor 11 on sale?

master man says:

Which one i should buy magista obra2 or predator 18.1

Daniel Marcinko says:

Hi josh. im looking for an SG boot for cheap. Any recommendations?

Archie joe 777 says:

I think you should do a boot collecti… oh wait



Raoul Solanki says:

Great intro

Mohd Naufal says:

Great video josh ! Anyways, i have a question to ask. do you prefer the reponsiveness and the upper of the predator 18.1 or the hypervenom phantom 3 (low cut) ?

idk wat to say says:

Josh is the new Tiempo a good boot? I want to buy it.

JackOJuice says:

Love the meme in the beginning of every video

Rookie79 says:

been a while since you last mentioned the zipper…love it

Matt Slagel says:

I like your shirt where do I get one

Tyler Morris says:

The elite mercurial series seems like it should be called the Superfly 6 DF and SuperFly 6 . The pro series should be called the Vapor 12 DF and Vapor 12

Alex Pizano says:

Hey Josh, I have never been able to find a boot that felt as natural and comfortable as the 11pro. I like the legend 7 for practicing and stuff but for a full game, even after breaking it in, they still don’t feel as comfortable and kind of hurt after a while. I’m thinking about getting a new pair and now I’m stuck between trying the Copa 18.1 or the Japan Rebula V1. Which would you recommend?

Marko Maal says:

In the same price point would you choose Vapor 11 Ag elites or Vapor 12 Ag pros?

Mikael Lorenzo (Mik) Olives Celdran says:

I love your intros. Best youtuber ever.

TheOneAndOnlySamer says:

where did he get that shirt?

Jaaziel Olayinka says:

Are you going to cop the off white superflys?

rafik94pl says:

Is Magnetico’s upper thinner that Nike Hypervenom Phatal’s I?

Gonzalo Blanco says:

hey, I’m Memphis

Raphael Ryan says:

The intros are the best

Nicholas hanan says:

Could you do a video on how to measure your feet and the differences in sizing between brands, to help people that don’t have the opportunity to go a shop and try them on in person

Ankit Anticyclone says:

When will what’s in my soccer bag video will come .?????

mjt gaming says:

When are you doing the monthly soccer bag

Jordan Salazar says:

Josh, I was wondering what sites do you recommend me to buy an older pair of cleats, say I wanted to buy some mercurial superfly 4’s

Steven Posada says:

Bro I’ve litterally seen all of your videos, awesome as hell

Siris CSGO says:

You mentioned the Copa having FG/AG soleplate… If I have the same style of soleplate of my Ace 17.2, am I allowed to play in them on AG surface without losing warranty?

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