Top 5 Lightweight Soccer Cleats/Football Boots

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Josh I says:

Josh what do you recommend as the better boot for a skinnier foot
Hypervenom 3 or Purechaos X

Jonathan Lamaute says:

Josh for some reason in the messi 16.3 red limit is kinda hurting my feet is it because of the type of sock I wear or is it just uncomfortable

soccer says:

nice video

Nathan Azzi says:

what is your favorite boot at the moment?

Adrian Ledezma says:

Could you also do a review of the AG Phantom 3 or even your top 5 AG boots

Isaac Maldonado says:

Hi Josh, I was wondering if the magista obra 2 fits exactly like the magista x proximo 2. My local soccer shop only has proximo 2 and not obra 2 so I tried on size 9 and it looks like it fit well. I will order obra 2 online so I want to know if the size 9 proximo will feel similar to the obra.

James Barnabe says:

Curious that the Umbro Medusae didn’t at least merit an honorable mention

Spandan Sengupta says:

What is your opinion of the Concave Volt+?

Luis Müller says:

where are the Adidas F50 crazylight

prinz ratish says:

my favourite is the nike vapor 11….

asri arshad says:

my pick is definitely the vapor 11. it looks good, comfortable and It makes me feel on edge. love it so much.

Alby Paterson says:

what boot do you reckon is closest to the touch of the f50 samba pack

XaviC says:

Thanks josh!

Roham Ghiasi says:

What is ur favourite shoe JOSH

Solomon Chai says:

Umbro ux accuro

cheshire doge says:

hey josh can you do a tutorial on deciphering boot names and tiers? i get really confused because all the different brands use different systems….

Adrian Ledezma says:

Can you do reviews of Puma AG boots please?

Riverside Soccer Stores says:

Whats the weight of the Hypervenom phantom iii in the DF variation?

William Djokro says:

i thought you were going to mention UA clutchfit 3.0

Josh Taboada says:

Would you suggest any cleats for flat feet?

Michelle Cottrell says:

Would like to see a review of joma propulsion lite

Tomas Montero says:


Jarryd Huynh says:

Which is the widest lightest boots? (With a bare foot feel)

Soccer Master says:

can you do a video of uncreasing your cleats.

Danu Kinsella bishop says:

Hey josh any chance you can do some boot reviews in the coming future on the mercurial victory ( the 80 $ version of the Vapours )
As those who want a cheap version of a good low cut mercurial boot to be seen in depth

Horacio Hernandez says:

Are Fg cleats safe to use on 3D pitches?

Marco Reus says:

Josh, how do u think bout f50 adizero 2014?

halfonasack says:

Can you do a size comparison between PureChaos and PureControl. I own size UK 8 PureChaos but I don’t know if I can fit into UK 8 PureControl. My only option is to buy it online and to buy a wrong size football shoe is one of my nightmares. I tried Ace 17.1 in UK 8 and UK 8.5 and I don’t like the feeling at all but a friend told me the material of PureControl 17+ (or the fitting) is not the same as Ace 17.1. Can you clarify this for me before ordering it.

Kate000 says:

Do some adidas cleats run bigger or smaller than other adidas models? Or is it all the same?

Vishal Narendar says:

Josh could you do a review on the Concave line of boots?


i love your vids josh! keep these up 🙂

Jakobey 0400 says:

How long is the evospeed sl-s supposed to last?

AlexChooi10 says:

Does the Puma EvoSpeed SL-S have similar durability of like a Nike Vapor or would it still not be as durable? would they last a full season?

XxKiler5o4xX says:

Hey josh
Is there any differences between the superfly 5 in the launch colorway and superfly 5 lime green
Or is it just the colorway

soccer champion says:

nice video

Rani abou arishah says:

i’ll pick the pure chaos instead of the superfly

Christian Eul says:

Hey Josh,
Do you know any boots that are cheap but still high quality? Because sense my feet are growing, I can’t wear youth sizes and youth sizes are a lot cheaper

Manuel Rico says:

Can you make a new Top 5 best leather boot.

Anthony Serrato says:

Hey Josh great vids but quick question I’m a 15 year old keeper that’s been playing since I was 5 and I have been using copas and priemier but I’ve been playing in some artificial grass fields lately in tourneys and I don’t feel that comfortable in turf with my boots what do you recommend for me (I’m also flat foot if that changes anything) Thanks

Hafiz Njr11 says:

will the puma evospeed 1.5 sl-s last for a season?

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