Top 5 Most Overrated Football Boots/Soccer Cleats 2017

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Eddy2002 Tanaka says:

josh i was thinking of buying the pogbooms are they good?

Chris Arias says:

Can you do a top 5 CLASSIC leather football boots?

Seb The burnt chicken nugget says:

I am getting the ace 17.1 primeknit

Fernando Sanchez says:

i agree i dislike the 17 +pure control worst boot i’ve ever owned

pau torrente badia says:

I can’t find the veloce 3 no df anywhere in Spain

Diego Ramirez says:

Without watching this, I can already tell you that the purecontrols are gonna be on here

Lisset Saravia says:

I got the same dont feel got hurt

Maximiliano Martinez says:

those cr7 seaweed green ones are the cheap ones not the expensive ones

Lisset Saravia says:

I ment to say for got good

John Connor says:

I’d justify buying the glitch for the fact you are essentially getting a pair of SG studs and a pair of FG studs in the one boot, so essentially £125 per boot, and if they ever wear out you can buy another skin, so theoretically you’d never have to buy a new football boot again, just new skins

Periklis Makridakis says:

i have the adidas ace purecontrol space craft limited edition and they are not comfortable at all

Emiliano Arroyo says:

What are those under amour camos by the Wayne Rooney shoe

Jacob Askew says:

always do football videos pleasefrom Jacob Paul Askew xxx

Isai Lopez says:

Any cleats you would recommend for under $200? I’m a midfielder, want something to have good lockdown on foot, and a overall good boot. I’ve had magista obra 2’s but want to try something new.

Imperiial23 says:

What does DF stands for ??

hello paris says:

Hey Josh! What’s the best boot for me, a striker/attacking mid with narrow feet?

Mahin Ahmed says:

if you make a ‘top underrated boots ‘ please make it excluding the classics like the copa , nike premier. Make the video on new boots .

nathannnm games says:

Volace got me triggered

Κωνσταντίνος Ξίπας says:

How much does the glitch weight??

Caleb Martinez says:

I loved this video man!

BigBoySauce says:

you should review the new evotouch colorway

TheReal Banter123 says:

I tried the laceless and they were perfect on my foot

Charlie Mccaffery says:

Get the 17.1 with laces then…

jose moreno says:

Josh, I previously bought superfly 5 and I was wondering how the fit of the Adidas 17+ pure control was in comparison to the superfly 5, your opinion would help greatly

Bryan Coronel says:

this is random, but what would you say the sizing on the ultraboost 2.0 and 3.0 is?

Sascha YT says:

What a PUMA fan

hello paris says:

Which brand performs amazingly and has great quality, Adidas or Nike?

Birkan Cevheroğlu says:

I don’t understand why this guy only have 400k subscribers he deserves 1m

That Lad says:

Loved the energy you had today Josh, keep it up!

Cem Kuzey Yasacan says:

I have bought the purecontrol and I have fucking 5 blisters in my feet

Adrian Sanchez says:

Purecontrols feel so good and they fit perfect for me so it ain’t overrated fair you have your opinion but it feets me perfect so I’m gonna say it’s underrated

soccerfreak404 says:

top 5 indoor shoes

Clorox Bleach says:

I got the veloce 3 DF for just £75

Διαμαντής Αδαμαντίου says:

Which one you believe is the most lightweight boot right now on the market and I would like to see a video of these compared even from brands that aren’t so popular like under armour or umbro etc

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