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New year, new boots! We’re nearly a month into 2019 and we’ve already seen tons of new boots release, which begs the question, what are the best new boots for 2019? In today’s video I share my Top 5 Personal Favorite new boots of 2019 so far and why I think they’re “the best”! What are your top 5 boots of 2019?

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Jan Geweniger says:

Hi Josh, I just bought the Adidas X18.1 and I pretty much like them. But there is one annoying thing: The Claw Collar is hurting my ankle. I wore them for like 3h now and it’s not getting any better. The thing is I don’t want to exchange them so my question is what can I do against it?

Kanav Gupta says:

Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

Joseph Philip says:

Hi Jake

Ronald Creighton says:

What website has good sg soccer cleats ?

FREZR says:

Im play goalkeeper what boot should i buy

TheMightyP0tter says:

How come nike hasn’t realest new colour for the mercurial and tiempo

Aadith Veeracholan says:

Puma one 19.1 review plzzzzzzz

Nikita Dubrovskyi says:

Top 5 new boots, but picture has 6

Priyanshu Thakur says:

Is there any good boot for 25$

King F says:

Puma again… how much have they paid to have you talk about it 5 times in a week? =_=

WTFx says:

Soleplate on the tekela was far too thin for my taste

Tigre SF says:

Who was the first grader writing in the beginning.

Derrick Rodrigues says:

Low end boot guide ???? 🙁 Sadly can’t afford high end boots

Qasim Hafeez says:

I love this channel.❤❤❤❤

Jacob Martin says:

Would you take the new balance tekelas over all of these boots?

Thulane Sitoe says:

Why R there six boots in the thumbnail

Jim Buckley says:

How comes Nike only seem to release most of their boots in Firm Ground? Really love the Phantom Venoms, especially in the red colourway but no good as pitches are way too soft to use them right now in the UK. 🙁

AEM AEM says:

Hey man can you make a vid on lingard and his boots. He ties them very weird and i a video with rashford he said that he uses football boots that are two sizes bigger than his normal boots.

Hai Nguyen says:

@ intro: for a second there I thought you were gonna cross out “football” and write “soccer” underneath. Phew!

Gabriel Gordillo says:

will you be reviewing the new leather NB boots + new furon?

hector ruizvelasco says:

Top 5 gk gloves and most comfortable shoes for gk’s

Alarik Aguilar says:

Phantom Visions are incredibly difficult to put on.

Almightymonkey Hudson says:

Not watched the video yet but phantom venom have got to be on this

Anna Svensson says:

JUST got a pair of Nike Mercurial 12 Elite för 85 USD AND a pair of Adidas Predator 19.1 AG for 79 USD. 😀 😀 😀 OMG, DEAL of the CENTURY. 😀

Ross Velasco says:

Hey Jeremiah r u planning on making an elbow crack compilation?

Maro says:

Puma future 19.2

Crowley Sean says:

Are you going to try relace the phantom vnm

Andy Ye says:

Are the predators good?

Josh Swank says:

I agree with what you were saying, but I haven’t ever tried the puma 19.1 yet so ya.

XBeastOne37 says:

Hey Josh do you know where I can get FG Studs for my SG X.16.1s? Online would be preferred

Siddharth S says:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the SR4U Signature Elbow Crack

Luke JAJ says:

Puma future
Nike phantom vision
Phantom vnm

Echoes says:

Hi, how do you find the nemeziz 17.1 based on a durability standpoint? How is it compared to the tiempo legend 7 elite in terms of durability?

Guillermo Davila Vargas says:

Puma future 19.3 review

V12 Supercharger says:

josh can you please review x blades micro jet, this is a football boot in Australia that is quite cheep for a top end model and i think you’ll be surprised, they also make a leather boot with an extremely aggressive sole plate, arguably more aggressive that mercurial. very popular in australia for rugby players and soccor players, may people rock these in auzzytralian

josh pak says:

Deciding between future 2.2 or evopower vigor 1 pls help

Wyatt Becker says:

Whenever the flute starts playing I know it’s gonna be good…

Lade Fajibe says:

Adidas Copa are honestly so clapped

Zac Forsey says:

Thank you

Isabella Ladin says:

Meanwhile I’m over here on my third pair of hyper venom Phantom 3s

Viper GT says:

Hi, how is the legend 7 Pros compared to the nemeziz 17.1 in terms of touch of the ball and striking. Does the rough and sticky surface of the nemeziz better than the padded leather of the tiempo? I tried on the tiempo and I’m worried if the thickness of leather would affect my shots

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